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What The Message of Dr. Martin Luther King DOESN’T Mean

He was a leader.

He was an innovator.

He stood up when many wouldn’t.  He preached love while others practiced hate.

He took the worst of us, saw the best in them and made us ALL believe that not only should we do better, but that we all would do better.

Martin’s message meant and means many things, but it doesn’t mean that we can use race as a means to implement policy.

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WCPSS: Diversity

The advocates of the Diversity policy in Wake County have lost an advocate.

Since I became interested in the debate, I have sided with the folks who were in favor of using socio-economic diversity when planning assignments in WCPSS.  I am pretty much in favor of using any tool in a tool box to fix a problem.  And I think the data supports the fact that when a school is becomes “too poor” it tips.

And achievement suffers.

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Raleigh May Sue Wake County Schools

The city of Raleigh is looking into a lawsuit over the change in direction taken by WCPSS.

I resonate with the city; I do.  I think that our schools should use every tool in the toolbox to make all schools as strong as possible for all kids.  And I think that maintaining economic diversity, when possible, is just such a tool.

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