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One Possible Reason Why Education Won’t Innovate

Two teachers in Chapel Hill, North Carolina have been reassigned to another school in the district.  They haven’t lost their jobs.  They haven’t had a reduction in pay.

They simply have been assigned another work location.

And finally, today, they have dropped a lawsuit brought against the Orange County Schools:

CHAPEL HILL — Two teachers say they will end their fight to stay at Chapel Hill High after a judge denied requests to delay their forced transfers to other schools.

Anne Thompson and Bert Wartski said it would not make sense to keep challenging Superintendent Thomas Forcella’s removing them from the school they’ve taught at a combined 45 years.

If you believe that schools in America are in horrible shape, and some don’t, this is a leading reason why:

Soo countered that some coworkers saw Thompson, who taught at Chapel Hill High for 26 years, and Wartski, who taught there for 19 years, as the “old guard” standing in the way of change.

Organizations require flexibility in order to meet new challenges.  Systems need to be developed and implemented so that new technologies, techniques and innovations can be leveraged.

Employees entrenched with a fixation on “how things have always worked” often lead to delays in such innovations.  New ideas require adaptable personalities.

Now, to be very sure, this doesn’t imply that a simple embrace of new things is more desirable than years of experience.  26 and 19 years in place is an extraordinary amount of very valuable experience.  However, the need to adapt can often be more of a driving need than expertise in an obsolete method.


OWS: Chapel Hill Edition

I continue to make the point that the OWS protest crowd is spinning into lawlessness and soon to be violence.  We’ve already seen rape and assault in New York and then murder in Oakland.  The proof isn’t open for debate.  Larger rallies involving Tea Party folks didn’t have even a HINT at violence.  They rallied on the day and time they said they would, they registered for permits, and when the time came to end, they went home.  But not before cleaning up after themselves.

OWS is seen urinating in public and even defecating in public.  There is no respect for private property.  These people vandalize shop keepers who refuse them restrooms.  Restrooms where they not only go to the bathroom, but wash and bathe themselves.  It’s as if they feel the world owes them.

And now, the gentle Left and it’s slow descent into chaos has come to Carolina:

Blue [Chapel Hill Chief of Police] said that officers tried to confront the crowd inside the Yates Motor building on Saturday but found some wearing masks and hoods and acting in a threatening manner.

“This was a reaction we had not encountered in any of our interactions with the ‘Occupy Chapel Hill’ group,” he said.

The “Occupy” group has been protesting peacefully for weeks outside the Chapel Hill Post Office. Supporters said the seven who were arrested Sunday were part of the group that has been at the post office.

Police said the group inside the Yates Motor building had obscured windows with large banners, and some members were posted on the roof as lookouts. Anarchists use such strategies to take over buildings and destroy property, police said.

Inside the building, police said, they found flammable material, a bag of rocks and pamphlets that discussed the number of people needed to overturn a police car.

Private buildings being “occupied”, covered windows, bags of rocks and “how to overturn a cop car”.

But this is a peaceful movement made up of young thoughtful individuals bent on a genlte revolution.

Chapel Hill Schools: In Debt or Cutting Edge?

The headline to this story is impressive.

Chapel Hill school first in world to give students iPod Touch

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