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Fire Departments And Homeowner Insurance

A few years ago the fire department in South Fulton, TN made national news when rushed to the scene of a house fire and —

Let the thing burn to the ground.

It turns out that the family hadn’t paid their $75 annual fire protection fee:

Firefighters aren’t afraid to break down windows and doors to douse flames, but a Tennessee family’s failure to pay a $75 fee stopped firefighters dead in their tracks last week as a home burned to the ground.

South Fulton, Tenn., firefighters stood on the sidelines, watching as flames engulfed Gene Cranick’s Obion County home. They refused to help because Cranick had not paid an annual “pay to spray” subscription fee.

“I just forgot to pay my $75,” homeowner Gene Cranick said. “I did it last year, the year before. … It slipped my mind.”

The city of South Fulton charges that $75 fire protection fee to rural residents who live outside the city limits. When a household has not paid the fee, firefighters are required by law to not respond.

It turns out that when you live within the city limits you pay taxes that support things like fire departments.  But when you live outside those city limits, and avoid paying those taxes, you do not get to enjoy things that those taxes pay for.  Things like fire stations.

The outrage was all the rage at the time.  My liberal talk show hosts couldn’t stop talking about it for days.

Not surprisingly, I took the Libertarian approach:

If you want fire station protection, you should pay for it; if you don’t, then don’t.

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Brad and Britt And Glass Houses

So, two months ago local talk radio show hosts were taking phone calls on their show.  The guys at Brad and Britt are Liberal.  I don’t think that they’d object to being described as left of center.  Anyway, they took this call from a listener and it turned out he subscribed to the more conservative point of view.  Britt, clearly having taken the opposite point of view went into his “Little Rush” imitation.  This is where he puts on Rush’s radio bumper music and does a fantastic impression of Rush.  By itself, Little Rush is hilarious and spot on, using it to yell over an earnest caller is obnoxious.

I called him out:

That Tweet got me “blocked”.

Meanwhile, Britt feels it’s totally appropriate to call out Neil Boortz in a much less polite tweet:

This is how the Left rolls.  Free speech for me, censorship for thee.



It would appear that The TalkMaster blocked Britt months ago:

Not sure that this makes any difference what-so-ever, but Britt felt it was important to include.


Brad And Britt: How The Left Works

I’ve been listening to the Brad and Britt show for a whole bunch of years,  Partly because they are local, partly because they are entertaining and partly because I need some Leftist influence.  Just to keep me honest.  And almost always, they deliver.  I enjoy the show.

I get that they are a profit center.  They are hired to deliver ratings in a market so that they can sell advertising to an customers.  I get it.  And so I mostly let most of the stuff they say go in and then go out.  They’re playing to an audience and are more circus performers than they are knowers of important things.

But jeepers, sometimes they say things that are just not so right.  So wrong in fact, that they are lying.  And I call ’em out.  And when I post I tweet.  And they notice.

Sunday night I pinged Brad and Britt.  I posited that the Occupy Wall Street crowd is racist.  I came to this conclusion in the same way the media decided that the Tea Party was racist.  Some fun tweets occurred and we called it a night.

Then I listened to this:

Brad and Britt interview

The interview was offensive.  And after I dropped my kids off at school, more of the same.  A caller was interrupted by Britt parodying Rush and shouting him down.  Funny stuff, I guess, if you’re on that side of the football field.

And I called him out:

The response of the tolerant Leftists?  They “blocked” me on Twitter.

Now, don’t get me wrong.  I’m a Twitter rookie.  I’ve had an account for years and only posted a little.  That I get blocked or not blocked isn’t the point.  The point is, that’s how the Left rolls.

Brad And Britt And Congressman Miller

I mentioned that North Carolina has the dubious distinction of having elected the latest legislature to try and “regulate” the banks into behaving.  Well, in addition to ignorant congressmen, we have talk radio as well.  And this morning, Brad and Britt had Brad Miller on their show to discuss his new proposed legislation.

As you can imagine, much goodness ensued.

While discussing Mr. Miller’s proposed legislation, Brad admitted to being a customer of one of the big banks.  The conversation drifted into the details of the proposed law and how “hard” customers have it today when dealing with and switching banks.  During that conversation, Brad mentioned how hard it would be to switch banks, and he cited the reasons:

  • Direct deposit
  • Electronic bill pay
  • On line banking
  • Centralized banking for the whole family

All of which struck me as hilarious.  Brad is basically complaining that he doesn’t wanna switch banks because the services offered by his current bank ROCK.  Somehow the convenience of his current provider is SO good, that he just can’t imagine switching.  And, by gawd, we need a law to fix that!

Further into the conversation, Britt asks Rep. Miller what he would say to those people who have been “preached to” about the evils of government regulation? What would you say to those folks who have been told how to think and what to say?

Miller’s response?

That’s just silly.


And THAT folks, sums up the entirety of the Left’s response to their actions.

Bank of America added this fee to us customers as a direct, a DIRECT, result of the Durbin amendment.  And now, Brad, Britt and and their guest are shocked, SHOCKED, I tell you, that we people would rather they quit.

But never mind facts guys, keep on keepin’ on.

Choosing Not To Be Insured

Was listening to the boys in Greensboro again yesterday.  Topic made its way to health insurance and the ongoing debate.  The same ol’ arguments on both sides were mentioned with the exception of two.

The first was the idea Brad threw out there that there aren’t folks who actually decide not to buy insurance.  I think he literally asked for someone to  provide data on that topic.  Who would literally make the choice not to buy insurance?

The second was mentioned by Britt.  And this is the one of pre-existing conditions, what they are and the stance people have on ’em.

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When They’re Right They’re Right

Only caught a little bit of the boys from Greensboro this morning.  What I did hear caught me by surprise.

I’m accustomed to the typical view from the Left with a bit of arrogance thrown in for spice; that’s my breakfast.  But this morning I found myself agreeing with ’em.  And twice!

They began the hour discussing the House Republicans promise to reduce spending by $100 billion dollars in the first year.  Since they’ve won and especially as they begin to take office, they’ve scaled that back by half, and possibly even more.  Some folks have ’em saying that they’ll only be able to achieve $30 billion.

1 word for ’em:


We didn’t do what we did to get you in office to act like Democrats  at worst and old-time Republicans like best.  You stood there, looked us in the eye and PROMISED us you would cut spending this first year.

This nonsense that we’re half way through the budget year ain’t cuttin’ it.  Either you were so shortsighted to NOT know that was the case or you DID know and know you’re just shinin’ me.  Either case gives me pause for concern.

Cut the spending.

Okay, that felt good.  Now, the second case we agreed this morning came during a conversation surrounding social security.  We all know it’s not sustainable.  A combination of all the money being spent AND the fact that we are gonna retire a ton of people in the coming years means we just don’t have the money.  And we’re gonna have to change the way we pay out.

During the conversation, Britt offered the insight that no one is able to make suggestions with respect to social security because the election ads will demonize him for “cutting social security benefits”.  Further, Britt acknowledged that that strategy is one that has been perfected by Democrats.

Wow.  I couldn’t believe it.  It was nice to hear.

Keep it up fellas!

Health Care: 2011 Style

The boys are at it again.  Back on health care.  And, to their credit, it’s gonna be the news of the day.  For many many days.

For example, the new House is going to convene Wednesday and theya re going to, repeat, going to, vote to releal Obamacare.  Gonna happen.

And then we’re in a world of debate as the country wrestles with this problem throughout the next two years.  And when I say 2, I mean that Obama is going to be fighting this through his next election campaign.

Anyway, onto Brad and Britt

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Brad and Britt Are Back At It

The guys in Greensboro are back at it.

Today they’re discussing the tax situation as we get closer and closer to December 31st.  That’s the date, of course, that the “Bush Tax Cuts” are set to expire.

Everyone I know of agrees that we need to make permanent those cuts to folks making less than $250,000 a year.  The question is what to do with the folks making more than that.

The rich.

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Where Brad and Britt Got it Right

I beat up on the guys from time to time.  Now, in my defense, it’s easy huntin’, but still.  I take the boys to task.

However, THIS morning, they got it right.  Our topic is Health Care.  Some of the “benefits” of the new law are coming on-line and we are beginning to see the effects of that.

Some are good.

Some are bad.

Specifically bad is the fact that McDonald’s will be dropping their health insurance plan, their mini-med plan, because it doesn’t conform to the Federal mandate that plans are to pay out80%-85% of their premiums in claims.

Here is where I think the boys from Greensboro got it right:

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Back at it Again: Brains or Affirmative Action

Ahhh yes, my favorite morning show hosts are back at it.  Back at sounding rather, umm, well, less than intelligent.

The discussion of the moment is that Palin isn’t “smart” or “educated” but that Obama is.  And the proof of this is the fact that he graduated Columbia University and later attended, and graduated form Harvard aw School.  Further, he served as the editor of the Harvard Law Review.

And that’s where the hilarity begins.

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