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Race Relations: Having A Conversation

Race Relations

George Zimmerman.

Treyvon Martin


I’ve never not thought that we needed to have a conversation about race.  Of course we need to have a conversation and we have to have one now more so than in the recent past.  It hasn’t been since Obama – McCain in 2008 that we’ve talked about race in a significant manner.  And this moment in time seems more poignant.

So yeah, let’s have that conversation.

And that means putting on your big girl panties.  A conversation means interaction; interaction in ways that might be difficult, emotional and divergent from your own views.

So here is Bill:

Controversial?  Yup.  Opinionated?  Yup.  A conversation starter?  Yup.

A response:

So, Hayes has an opinion.  I get that.  And his opinion is that he doesn’t like O’Reilly’s opinion.  Which, I guess, is fine.  But what we’re trying to do here is have a conversation.  Which, like I said, is about engaging with UNlike minded people.

Hayes isn’t doing that here.  What he’s doing is anti-conversation having.  What he’s doing is offering a soliloquy, a speech of one with no option of dissenting views.

Which, like I said, is fine.  But it’s not a conversation.  And we need to have that conversation.

Bill O’Reilly: Wrong On Gas Prices


Bill O’Reilly has launched a pretty big offensive regarding the price of gasoline.  He’s been on air several times extolling the administration to get ahead of the situation and take a leadership role.  Personally, I’m not sure that Obama has  had much influence on the price of gasoline today.  Prices are high today not because of supply and demand, policies where Obama is clearly wrong, but because of the tension in the Middle East.  Specifically with Iran.

Given the nature of the world market there is no wonder that gasoline prices are going up.  And fast.

But O’Reilly loses me on his solutions.

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War on Drugs

I think that I’ve come a long way on this issue.  For ever I have been the guy that says all drugs should be illegal and remain illegal.  When I was  asked about marijuana I remained adamant; “No way”!

Over the years I think that I’ve developed a new attitude, one more consistent with my Libertarian views and perhaps older age.  I find myself in changing existing laws to allow the use of certain drugs and to decriminalize the use of others.

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Why Debating Liberals is Like Picking a Lock with a Wet Noodle

I admit it.  I watch Bill O.  I think that he tries, tries I say, to be the fairest of all of the opinion guys on the cable shows.  Beck and Hannity are right-wing with Hannity clearly in the bag for Republicans and the politicians in the party.  Olbermann and Madow are so far to the Left that you can see ’em on the horizon if ya look Right.

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