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The Inner Libertarian

Jack Chambless nails it:

I am voting for Mitt Romney for three reasons.  First, the hidden camera bit where he discussed the “47%” was dead on.  Saying that in private and getting busted for it was wonderful.  He got busted for telling the truth.  I like it when people speak economic truths.  That says a lot about what he understands and where his perspective lies.

Second, much of what he wants to do – economically speaking – is good stuff and he understands the case for building businesses, creating jobs and reducing our debt.  Will he do it?  I sure hope so.

Third – and this is where my fellow Libertarians need to focus – the long-run consequences of four more years of the hope and change wagon rolling over us and the Constitution must end.  Now is no time to stand by our hard-headed, Fed-hating, dope legalizing views and vote for Mr. Paul or Mr. Johnson.

If you Libertarians truly are as smart as you think you are then you will adopt some good old fashioned John Nash game theory and look at a strategy that minimizes the damage of your options rather than trying to maximize the gain from some choice.  This, dear friends is the case…

If Mr. Obama wins, liberty in the long run is in such trouble, and the debt hole, health care hole, tax hole, etc. etc. will be so deep that no future disciple of Ron Paul or Ronald Reagan will be able to pull this fragile republic out of the depths of entrenched Socialism.

Sing it sis’tah!