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Voter Fraud and Voter ID Laws

States are passing Voter ID laws.  The stated reason is that if you have restrictions on who can and can’t vote, it’s a reasonable position to take that these requirements are validated.  For example, you wouldn’t pass a speed limit an then refuse to allow officers to use speed detectors.  You don’t require that a teacher have a license and then not allow administrators to validate that license.

If you require a thing, you must validate that thing.

Now, Democrats are crying foul claiming that Republicans are trying to prevent other Democrats from voting.  I disagree.  I think that Republicans are doing what anyone in their right mind would do; allow validation of legal requirements.  Further, Democrats will argue that fraud simply doesn’t happen; there are few cases of voter fraud.

Some thoughts:

First, the number of dead voters in Minnesota:

A review of Minnesota’s statewide database of registered voters revealed at least 2,812 deceased individuals voted in last November’s general election, according to a new report by the “traditional values” advocacy group Minnesota Majority.

After obtaining the list of voters who participated in November’s election, the group hired an independent firm who specializes in “death suppression” for direct mailing lists to review the data. The process, which involved matching names and addresses to state death records, bore troubling results.

According to Minnesota statute 201.13, the commissioner of health is to report monthly the name, address, date of birth, and county of residence of voting-age deceased residents to the secretary of state.

Presumably the commissioner of health would not issue incomplete reports (read: no motive), the blame then falls elsewhere – namely, at the feet of Minnesota Secretary of State Mark Ritchie, whose partisan leanings and curious alliance with vote fraud-magnet ACORN are becoming more salient by the day.

For those of you not familiar, this is in relation to the 2008 election where Al Franken defeated Norm Coleman by 312 votes.  This was the election where votes were trucked in by the trunk load of boxes.

For even more history, this was the election that allowed the Democrats to push through the Health Care law.

Franken defeated Coleman by 312 votes.

Three Hundred.


And two.

Almost 3,000 dead people voted.

Then, consider the testimony of an ACORN whistle blower:

Former ACORN/Project Vote employee Anita MonCrief agreed.  “It’s ludicrous to say that fake registrations can’t become fraudulent votes,” she said.  “I assure you that if you can get them on the rolls you can get them to vote, especially using absentee ballots.”

There are even reports of blank absentee ballots being distributed on election day in the Scott Brown election.

When Democrat politicians tell you that fraud doesn’t take place, they are lying.  It does take place.  And the fact that they don’t wanna address it means that the fraud is taking place in their favor.

OWS, 99% and ACORN

Fox News is reporting that former ACORN organizers and staffers are working behind the scenes at the various protests throughout New York City.  Further, these unscrupulous vermin are knocking on doors asking for money to support teachers and stuff all the while funneling that money to the movement.

And Fox is reporting this front page.

My reaction is:


I hadn’t thought of it, but fi I’d been asked whether or not I thought ex-ACORN folks were working on the OWS protests, I would have guessed they were.  The bigger news would have been if these people had gotten real jobs and become part of the 53%.

THAT would have been news.

Let There Be No Doubt

I’m not sure I could tell you much about ACORN before the election cycle of 2008.  Since then, however, I have come to learn they this organization, however well-intentioned they say they are, has a mission.

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Wow, the good news keeps rolling in over here at tarheelred.  First it was news that Fannie and Freddie are going the way of the dinosaur and now we learn that ACORN will never turn into that giant oak tree.

The national group ACORN is folding, an official there, Kevin Whelan, said in an emailed statement:

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Too Rich for Words

So, this morning we had a group of Acorn activists gather at the court house.  Their purpose?  To lobby on behalf of people who are facing foreclosure.  Their desire?  Well, according to this article, they are hoping to raise awareness of Barack Obama’s call for a 90 day moratorium on foreclosure.

This is awesome.

ACORN lobbing to delay home foreclosure proceedings on the very folks that they lobbied to get the loans in the first place.  Only in America.

Michael Delossantos, N.C. ACORN’s legislative director, said this morning that their effort across the country today was to “help save the American Dream of home ownership.”

It was ACORN’s involvement that helped contribute to the situation that we are in today.  Exactly why should anyone pay attention to this organization?