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Bedrock Principles

Noble Intentions

For awhile now I’ve been writing about, listening to, debating the merits of, politics. In many ways it’s enjoyable. In many ways it’s important. But in many ways it’s frustrating. Frustrating because all too often the debate devolves into a ‘fight’ about intentions and not a discussion of the merits of the policy.

How do you debate someone concerning the minimum wage when all they do is retort to your position, “Yeah, well, you just hate the poor. You’re a greedy racist that doesn’t care about the people who are marginalized!”

Here at Tarheel Red I have as a Bedrock Principle something I call Noble Intention.

I try to assume that the going in position of people is that they are operating from a place of noble intentions. That by arguing for a raise in the minimum wage they are NOT being racist or trying to hurt those with little experience. That what they ARE doing is advocating for people who might need a few more dollars in their pockets. That they are earnestly looking out for the little guy.

I hope that I get the same consideration.

On Hate And War

HateHere in North Carolina the republican party has a super majority as well as the governor’s mansion.  In fact, even when the governor has felt that the party has gone too far, he’s vetoed a bill.  Or two.

And still the senate and house override the veto.

What we here from the left is the very predictable frustration of living under a super majority rule.  And, in only some cases, I can resonate with them.  After all, if it wasn’t for super majority, the Obamacare fiasco wouldn’t be taking place as we speak.

However, when it comes to policy differences, it really bothers me that people here in North Carolina, and across the country to be honest, take the position that just because I might disagree with specific legislation than “the democrat” that:

– I “hate” the poor.

– I am waging “war” on the poor.

And you can substitute any group or element of society and get the same message.  Think education, women, children, minorities, elderly or any other group that can tug on heart strings.

And now that I think of it, it doesn’t just bother me, it insults me.  I have a firm belief that each of us has amoral responsibility to care for our fellow man.  That society is strengthened on the idea that should one of us stumble, those of us capable will carry the burden.

However, the morality in that action comes from the voluntary aspect of it.  The very act of sacrificing for the common good is the notion that the sacrifice is free and voluntary.

So when I say that I support programs that reach out to the most vulnerable folks in society, I am NOT speaking of programs that force one person to contribute to what I feel is my version of the best good.

That is:

I find it noble and of morality to contribute to my neighbors relief.  I find no such nobility or morality in forcing you to do the same.

So enough of this “War on Puppies” or “Conservatives Hate Kittens”.  Air your concerns in the public square and take what comes.


Why Progressives Can’t Get Anything Done

No one else is liberal:

No serious thinker is liberal.  Strike that.

Plenty of thinkers are liberal.

No serious do’er is liberal.

Pino’s Law: Travel Mugs

For any trivial number N greater than 2 travel coffee mugs, there will ALWAYS be N-2 dirty non-dish washer safe mugs available on the counter.  Further, there will be N-(N-2) dirty dish washer safe mugs in the dish washer.

There is no counter example to this law.


Corollary One:

Buying more Travel Mugs does not increase either:

  • The number of clean mugs
  • The chance any mug will be clean

It only increases the number of dirty Travel Mugs at any time.

Excessive Force

So, what’s it been, a week?  A week since that officer sprayed down those kids protesting on that college campus.  And I still don’t know how I feel.

On the one hand, the images are horrible.  The absolute nonchalant manner in which that coop was spraying down those kids was a bit creepy; just a bit [or more] too big state for me.

Again, on the other hand, this is how the Left rolls.  They “protest peacefully” just sitting back waiting to bait authorities.  They lock arms and lay down limp.  And then when the cops move in, they claim abuse or brutality.  The shots of the police trying to pull off protesters from one another to bring order to a chaotic scene are everywhere.

Back to the protests here though.  It didn’t seem chaotic.  It didn’t seem on the verge of violence.  It seemed calm.  Maybe the cops could have pulled ’em off one by one, I don’t know.

Then again….this goes back to one of my golden rules:  When a police officer tells you to “move on”, it is most prudent to move on.

I don’t think that I’dve used pepper spray, I KNOW I wouldn’t be sitting in the street protesting, and if I was that cop, I probably would’ve pried ’em loose, one by one.

Whatever else you think, this is funny:


Did you know that there are losers in addition to winners?

How To Fix Public Schools

I just thought of this.  If you wanna fix public schools, or at least improve them dramatically AND increase the pay of teachers, just follow these simple three rules:

  1. Find some way to identify the bottom 10% of teachers.
  2. Fire them.
  3. Do this every year.

If you object to this, you are more interested in keeping shitty teachers in jobs than you are seriously worried about kids getting a good education.

Education should not be a “Make Work Pay” program.


Is it possible that we have forgotten that America is the most powerful, most advanced, wealthiest  and most admired country in allll the world?

If it IS possible, how do we fix the education of our children?

If it ISN’T possible, the same question applies.

Pino’s Law: I

I think this is the first installment of Pino’s [okay, THAT pisses me off!  My spell check just flagged Pino as being misspelled.  Damn it.  It did it again!] Law.  I’m sure that can’t be correct.  I often cite things off the cuff that just seem like they should just be, well, law.

But after moocho searching, I can’t find any documentation of any such law.  So, here goes.

Pino’s Law: I

No matter how many travel coffee thermos you have in the house, ALL of them will be dirty and in the dishwasher 98.5% of the time.

I never used to bring coffee to work.  We had awesome coffee provided AND I was at my desk by 5:30-6:00.  Now, we have shitty coffee, if any, and I’m at my desk by 8:45 – 9:00.  I need coffee before 9:00.

So….I bought a coffee maker and some coffee and began to make coffee.  And then be late.  Late ’cause I had to drink my coffee before I got in my car.

THEN I discovered the wonders of individual thermos.  Wonder of wonders!

But it was always, ALWAYS dirty.

So, I bought another one.  And another one and another one……

And the flippen things are ALWAYS dirty!


Pino’s [damn spellcheck!] Law I