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Breaking News: Weiner to Resign

The New York Times is reporting Weiner will resign:

Representative Anthony D. Weiner has told friends that he plans to resign his seat after revelations of his lewd online exchanges with women, said a person told of Mr. Weiner’s plans.

I don’t like people that yell and scream like Weiner did.  There are times and places for that type of behavior, but he utilized it far to often.  It demonstrated a different kind of characteristic.

Him sending pictures of himself in the gym and in his draws is consistent with that kind of behavior.

My question now is this:

Where will the Democrats put him?

CNN with the ex-governor of New York?

I gotta wonder, ’cause he ain’t got any other skills.

There is Talkin’ The Talk…

I’m new to politics.  I’m a junky, but I’m a new one.

For example, I don’t know that politicians have been forever promising to reduce spending only to increase it.

I don’t know that we’ve been tricked and treated for ever.

But I do now.

Which makes Michelle Bachmann’s proposal pretty unique.

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IOP: Idiots on Parade – Constitution Style

In my life I have learned a number of things.  Perhaps chief among them is the ability of people to demonstrate just how unlearned they are.


I have yet to learn that the most egregious of these examples come from our elected officials.

Check out Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee:

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B.J. Lawson for Congress

We face a critical time as we get closer to the election this November.  We simply can not continue with the same processes and methods of doing business.

For right or for wrong, the decisions we’ve made to get us to this point are not going to bring our problems under control.  It’s clear that that we need a change, and we need it right now.

B.J. Lawson represents that opportunity.  His top 3 priorities are:

  1. Health Care
  2. Taxes
  3. Size of Government


The answer to our health care problems does not come from Washington. It comes from eliminating the middlemen who stand between patients and providers, freeing up the market for catastrophic health care insurance and health care savings accounts, and giving health care freedom back to providers and patients.

Finally, the key to fixing health care is fixing primary care. Our medical “safety net” already spends more than enough money to purchase high quality primary care for every American. We’re just wasting most of that money in unnecessary administrative overhead.


I will stand against bailouts and corporate welfare, and in defense of businesses that succeed by serving their customers instead of paying their lobbyists.

As your Congressman, I will renew the Bush tax cuts, oppose global taxation schemes like Cap and Trade or “carbon taxes”, fight for targeted spending cuts to reduce bloated bureaucracy, and embrace a foreign policy we can afford.


As your Congressman, I will push for solutions to these economic issues that empower local economies, not the federal government. I will pursue solutions that embrace transparency and free markets, while rejecting bailouts that favor the politically connected and too big to fail.

Choice is simple.

North Carolina 4th

Big BIG news in North Carolina.

See, there is a guy in the United States House of Representatives that votes with Nancy Pelosi.  A lot.  I mean, a REAL lot.

Like 98.9% of the time David Price votes with Nancy Pelosi. That means that we have a member of Congress in our District voting as if he had the interests of California at heart.  CALIFORNIA!

David Price has got to go!

And some good news:

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Star Tribune Taking Sides?

I, for one, am happy that BP put aside $20 billion into an escrow account.  I’m afraid that they’ll file for bankruptcy and we’ll lose any ability to get them to pay for anything.

Michelle Bachmann isn’t so happy with that turn of events:

The president just called for creating a fund that would be administered by outsiders, which would be more of a redistribution-of-wealth fund.

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Do As I Say. Not As I Do.

Leftists.  Gotta love ’em.

Take the question of having to identify yourself to the government.

On one hand they say it’s a matter of individual privacy.  On the other, they say it’s their right.

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BJ Lawson

We have a great chance here to make a difference.  Mr. Lawson is running for the seat currently held by David Price here in North Carolina’s 4th district.

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United States House: North Carolina

North Carolina had her primaries yesterday.  While there were many races, I was really only concerned with one:  District 4.  This race featured BJ Lawson and Frank Roche.  Both candidates are strong and I would be happy with either one.  However, I was pulling for Mr. Lawson to pull it out.  And he did:

District 4 Primary

We now have until November to get him packing for Washington.

However, there are several other races that have my interest too:

2nd District:  Seat held by Bob Etheridge

4th District:  Seat held by David Price

13th District:  Seat held by Brad Miller

There are other seats held by Democrats, but many of those representatives have a more conservative vein in ’em and really, I would rather focus on the largest of the Leftists.

Let’s see what we can do to get these guys out of office!