Where Does the End Come

I just posted when I saw this on my feed:

DURHAM, North Carolina (WTVD) —
Protesters in Durham rushed and toppled a Confederate statue outside the courthouse on Monday evening.

The monument of a Confederate soldier holding a rifle was erected in 1924 and inscribed on it are the words “in memory of the boys who wore the gray.”

Nobody wants this to end.

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  1. I’ve been very careful what I say about this since my view is unpopular. But I am very uncomfortable with removing all confederate statues, symbols or remembrances. Better to augment them, perhaps, keep them and alongside have something to recognize that slavery was evil. But Robert E. Lee was honorable given the understandings of his culture and time.. I don’t want to judge everyone in history by 21st Century standards. I was in Charlottesville three weeks ago to visit Monticello. They talked openly of him owning slaves and his relationship with Sally Hemsley (I think that was her name). Better to be complete than trying to remove traces of history.

  2. Many cities are moving these statues to Confederate cemeteries. A better choice than destruction of these statues / monuments that many find so offensive.

  3. Vesuvius R. Kane

    Here’s how I explain BLM, the statue removal, the NFL anthem protests, or anyone trying to push a false race narrative or false liberal narrative of any kind for that matter (such as wage inequality). If they actually thought, I think this is what plays over and over in their heads:

    “No matter how much I have or don’t have, I feel insignificant and that my life is both empty and/or hopeless. Playing victim or feeling constantly guilty, however, gives me the sense of significance and purpose that I lack everywhere else in my life therefore l promise to feel guilty and play victim in this country each and every day.

    I know, deep down, that doing big things that truly help myself or humanity are both difficult and scary. They are not for the weak – yet I know deep down that I am nothing but weak – so instead of trying big things, I will do small things where I can hide behind some mob online or in person and try to act big – even just for a moment – no matter how fake or how ultimately baseless and pointless my actions may be.

    I know the truth – that both my level of success and my happiness in this great country of ours are determined by me – but I can’t accept it. To accept the truth would mean allowing fortitude, gratitude, and responsibility into my life but deep down I know I lack and simply can’t handle any of them. Let everything then be a micro-aggression towards me. Let there be absolutely nothing that I am ever grateful for, and most importantly let there be nothing that I am ever, ever responsible for.

    Rather than strive for true greatness, I will instead resign my life to living the lowest of all human standards – that of self-gratification at any cost – and I will use the lowest of means to achieve this, too, i.e. crying, bullying, destruction, and victimhood – all to get what I insist should be handed to me due to a convenient and self-inflicted pain that I never should be challenged on, and never held accountable for.

    All that said my success in life will be that of a parasite – playing the victim and feeding off others – and I will play that role perfectly.”

    How totally un-American.

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