I’m afraid.  Trump withdrew from the Paris Accord walking away from a commitment that we made with virtually every nation on earth.

The science of climate change – global warming – has been debated here and else where for years now.  I don’t wanna get into that now except to say that for the purpose of this post, I have settled that we are not in danger of catastrophic warming.  Because of that, I am fine with the reasons for rejecting Paris.

But before we rejected Paris, we agreed to it.  And that should mean something.

Now, as for the world without American leadership?  Screw ’em.  I am less and less inclined to care what a Parisan sipping coffee at 2.00 pm thinks of America while the rest of the world refuses to act in most cases.  We’re a handful of days away from the anniversary of America’s leadership.

No.  What scares me is that without Obama we don’t have Trump.  But we had Obama, and now we have Trump.

Barack ruled with his phone and his pen.  Paris was illegal.  GM’s bankruptcy was illegal.   His immigration policies were illegal.  Libya?  Illegal.  And the list goes on and on.  So, mostly, as Trump undoes Obama’s work with equal executive orders, I am conflicted.  We are removing oddles and oodles of illegal and wrong minded policy.

But I don’t believe that Trump is going to stop.  He’s going to get used to ruling, aka Barack, and will simply, and horrifically, continue on the trajectory.

The President never should have pulled out of Paris.  But the President never should have entered Paris.  Without the first, we never have the second.

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  1. P, you know I love you, but you’re an idiot. This is just flat out crazytalk on so many levels.

    • P, you know I love you, but you’re an idiot.

      I love you too.

      You’re not afraid of Trump?

      Or, you are afraid of Trump because his policies are different than yours while Obama’s are similar to yours?

      Because they both rule without legal cause.

      This is just flat out crazytalk on so many levels.

      Seriously, the President cannot obligate payments without Congressional approval – Paris is illegal.

      Libya too – he cannot go to war with another nation without declaration from congress.

      GM? He nullified accepted bankruptcy law.

      And on immigration, he himself said that he doesn’t have the authority to act alone. And then he did.

      As for the list, check out the American citizen he executed.

      As for ‘because this then that’, do you think rural, blue collar, white voters elect Trump without Obama? The asshole won WI, MI, OH, PA and more. Without Obama you have no Trump. I mean, Hillary didn’t even VISIT WI because they are so democrat.

      The Village Idiot

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