I’ve been slow to blogging for some time now – and I go back and forth on trying to get the focus to get back at it.  And so I find myself at the keyboard today.  And I’m looking for something to write on with no luck.

And t occurred to me – I have to, HAVE to, post on Donald Trump and his Presidency.

It is an absolute shit show.

From the press secretary to the executive orders Trump is showing that he is going to abuse the Presidency with little regard to the law.  Forget the fact that his policies are wrong minded.  From tariffs to immigration, Trump is starting off horribly with every indication that he will keep on going.

Come on 2020.

One response to “Trump

  1. I gave Trump a chance like I did Obama at the start of his Presidency, plus I was all too glad that Hillary didn’t win. Even in the past week, while I pretty much assumed he would continually be doing things to make a person nervous about his Presidency I didn’t feel like he had gone off the deep end just yet. I also figured (hoped) that his advisors would pull him back a bit like they did when he was a candidate. All hopes are now gone as of Friday.

    I like your words to describe it, Pino, but to use Trump’s own words, “What an absolute, absolute disaster.” A Muslim ban is one thing (totally wrong!), but doing it the way he did (so impulsively, without his Sec of State in place, without a settled-in CPB head, no communication with media, airports, CPB, etc., etc. etc. etc. etc. etc.) – it’s not only wrong on pretty much every level, it’s egregiously wrong and totally indefensible.

    And then what do his people do? Not only support it (which one would expect comes with their job), but instead they double-down and defend it, which to me made all the mistakes even worse. After-the-fact, I can see Conway publicly supporting anything Trump does (even if she disagrees), but I can’t see how her, Priebus, and Spicer let this pass beforehand. I doubt Trump even asked. Fox News today: “The extent of the reaction to this seems to have taken the Trump Administration by surprise.” REALLY? Because the Obama Administration had picked the 7 countries earlier? RUFKM?

    Either all his people knew it and agreed to it, or Trump just did it anyway and now they are trying to damage control and mitigate the mess. Either way, all this has proven to me is that Trump will cross the line politically, constitutionally, and logically even as President and that is a horrible, horrible thing to have proven only a week into the job.

    Sure, I figured he would mess up from time to time, but not this big, this early, and so stubbornly since he now is supposed to have cooler heads around him advising him. I’m sure Tillerson did not want to start his job with this in his lap.

    Trump: “… at the airports… the whole thing… working very nicely…” Hahaha – wow.

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