Chart of the Day


Why Clinton lost in one chart.

There was no “Whitelash”.

The democrats just didn’t care who won.

2 responses to “Chart of the Day

  1. Love it! it was less Trump winning and more Clinton losing. I love your system for making her irrelevant in a matter of hours, and for not rewarding her confidence scams.

  2. I know this is an old post, but it’s such a nice chart to come back to!

    Here’s some hilarious tweets by the “fair share” liberal sissy snowflakes who couldn’t handle the win. The ones where people are pretending to be kids are the best:

    I pity Trump’s staff with all of his off-hand, didn’t-think-first comments and that makes me concerned over where this will all end up, but damn is it great to watch those who feel so entitled for no good reason end up with the exact opposite of what they demanded. 🙂

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