Standing Rock Sioux v DAPL – Pino’s Solution


There is a protest in North Dakota.

For all that’s been said, it follows the general political story:

  1. The liberals* have correctly identified a wrong
  2. They have zero clue how to implement a solution

The Indian’s greatest mistake, being susceptible to disease is not a mistake, is to trust the United States Federal government.  After centuries of being absolutely abused, I am continually astonished that they are astonished the government would screw ’em at the first opportunity.

Here is my very simple two step process to solve the situation.

  1. End the notion that there exists, in any legal manner, the concept of a Sovereign Nation.  There is none.Zero sovereign nations outside the 50 great states of these United States exists.


  2. Stop with this reservation bullshit.  Deed the land to each member of the tribe so that each member/family has their own equal and private ownership of said reservation land.Now each individual can contract that land as their individual circumstance would dictate.  Wanna sell it?  Sell it.  Wanna lease it?  Lease it.

    Wanna tell DAPL to shove it – do that too.

End of story.

  • There is no small irony that the same group of people that mock me for the belief in a “White Haired Gandolph sitting on a throne” myth would get so “offended at the thought” of a sacred site of long dead and dust ancestors.I, of course, understand.  But I acknowledge the existence of Deity, of the after life, of sacredness and all that comes with it.  I just for one blessed minute would like to be spared the indignation of sacrilege while praising such things as “The Piss Christ”.

    By the way, just 3 years ago a ‘sacred burial ground of MY people’ was dug up and moved to make way for a housing complex.  Not an exact parallel but jeepers.  Compensation was offered, negotiated and accepted.  Honoring of the dead ancestors was preserved and protests = 0.

    Just sayin’.

One response to “Standing Rock Sioux v DAPL – Pino’s Solution

  1. ” The liberals* have correctly identified a wrong
    They have zero clue how to implement a solution”

    Summed it up right there. “Fair Share” Liberals anywhere (including whites who have jumped on the native bandwagon) have zero sense of direction or leadership which is why they ruin and make a mockery of every cause they decide to jump on and for ridiculous reason embrace as their own.

    And yes, great to point out how all of a sudden religion is OK to these Liberal hypocrites when it has to do with Indian bones in the ground, but let’s not forget that it’s really the anti-white, anti-American cause that they’re siding with here just as they do everywhere. Since Natives in this case are all for free shit, all for the kind of racism that Fair Share Liberals absolutely love, and are all for zero ambition or leadership all the white-guilters out there are fully behind them.

    If Liberals really cared so much about Native rights and Native land they’d be handing their own homes back to them, or at the very least letting Natives stay in their homes for free. They’re not, because at the end of the day “Fair Share” Liberals are more elitist and racist than anyone.

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