The Most Qualified Person In The World


According to Barack Obama, Hillary is the most qualified candidate  to ever run for President.  Near as I can tell, she  has three such qualifications:

  1. First Lady – 8 years
  2. Senator – 4 years
  3. Secretary of State – 4 years

No one else had more experience?

How about H.W. Bush?

  1. U.S. Navy – 4 years
  2. Congressman – 4 years
  3. UN Ambassador – 2 years
  4. Chair of the GOP – 2 years
  5. Envoy too China – 2 years
  6. Director C.I.A. – 2 years
  7. V.P – 8 years

Not even close – Bush by unanimous decision.

3 responses to “The Most Qualified Person In The World

  1. She’s certainly the biggest coat-tail rider in modern political history, maybe that’s what BO meant.

  2. All Hillary is proven she’s qualified for is selling out her country to serve foreign interests in order to line her own pockets in the process.

    And as far as her “record” is concerned, regardless of what side of the aisle one stands on, all her record has shown over 20+ years is that she can be bought and serve the interests of domestic special interests as well.

    It’s too bad the one running against her is Trump, but that hardly means she’s qualified by default.

  3. President Obama meant that she is the most qualified person to continue his policies.

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