Wherein Pino Fixes Immigration


Much attention to immigration in the last few weeks – heck, years.  All, or most, stemming from the flow of folks south of the American border.

For years, I have remained a staunch supporter of much more liberal immigration policies.  For example, my goto exercise has been this:

Me [to a conservative friend] – Close your eyes and describe ‘the perfect American’.

Friend – Hard working, God fearing, loves family.

Me – You just described every Mexican I know!

Further, I have implored people to justify a restriction on immigration.  Again, for sake of illustration, I would rather have a guy that has what it takes to risk EVERYTHING, and the GET HERE, to live in the absolute glory that is America than the typical citizen who just mails it in.

Every and any day!

Since then, however, I have tempered that due in large part to the importance of assimilation.  While I fully support allowing as many people as possible to enjoy the unequaled prosperity America offers, we need to be able to handle the challenges that excessive immigration poses.

All that being said, here is my solution to immigration to America:

– Make coming here legal.

The End.

Wanna live in Mexico, get your mail in Mexico and send your kids to Mexican schools but work in America?  Cool.   Sign up and go for it!

Wanna temporarily live in America while working a job [or three] to save money for later?  Cool.  Sign up and go for it!

Be aware – you are still a citizen of country of origin and are not eligible for the rights afforded to American Citizens.  You may drive but not vote.  No unemployment or insurance.  Hospital visit?  On your own.

Now – wanna move to America and BECOME AMERICAN?  Awesome, join the club and enjoy all the benefits afforded to citizens!  Sign up and go for it!

Oh yeah, the process for ‘signing up’ should be as difficult as obtaining a cell phone contract.

2 responses to “Wherein Pino Fixes Immigration

  1. Sounds reasonable.

  2. I agree with you but …

    Based on facebook and rise of Donald Trump, many folks think Mexican immigrants or a least a significant share of them come here to be criminals, go on welfare, or both. This seems like a gut reaction that yields little or at all to any evidence to the contrary.

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