Destruction Of Individual Property Rights

Propert Rights

Who would have thought that we would see the day where it would be illegal to invite people into your own house:

— City officials on Tuesday ordered a Raleigh man to stop renting out a room in his Five Points home through the Airbnb website while the city studies the growing trend of using such online services.
I applaud the explosion of options offered by Uber and Airbnb.  What better way to open more and freer markets to provide greater opportunities for individuals?

2 responses to “Destruction Of Individual Property Rights

  1. I take it you’ve already read about the Portsmouth taxi comission caving over Uber? BTW, Lyft & Uber are great, just make sure you try out the app and services first with some time-insensitive travel first to get the hang of it all before, e.g., using them to catch a flight…

  2. I’ve used Uber in 5 cities now and it’s been great. Gov’t in Nevada shut it down because they caved to the cab mafia there. Here’s what ordering a cab in Vegas is like in a residential area: “Wait 45 minutes, and if one doesn’t show up… call us back.” Uber was great, hope it comes back.

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