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Idiots On Parade

Stacey Dash

If you care to see true freakin’ idiocy – goo check out reaction to Ms. Dash on her Twitter account:


Musings On Ferguson

smut and sensibilityThe dominating theme for the past week has been and is Ferguson.

I think it’s fair to say that most rational minded Americans are trying to make sense out of the events that occurred this summer and then the recent Grand Jury’s decision this past week.

I was recently pointed to this post over at Smut and Sensibility as a response to that decision.  Below my response:

The only kind of bombs I fully support are truth-bombs, and that’s why I’ve come together with a group of POC and select White allies to write this post. We feel it’s critical to have conversations about social justice loudly, noticeably, personally as well as systemically, and eloquently*—in this case, specifically around Ferguson, #stoptheparade, #BlackLivesMatter, #IndictAmerica, and all the myriad things happening right now around police brutality and the devaluing of Black lives.

I’m immediately put off by the reference o=to POC and ‘select white allies’.  This smacks as dog whistle for that group of people who preaches tolerance save for positions other than their own.

That being said, I am fearful of an ever growing and tyrannical state.  A police force being part of that state I am ever watchful.

However, the goodwill generated in the very real condition of big government = bad [ i don’t believe the author actually thinks big government is bad, only big government that doesn’t fit her paradigm ] is lost with #BlackLivesMatter.  Not one single individual I know feels that black lives don’t matter.  Further, given that black lives matter – there seems to be lower hanging fruit that can be harvested rather than heap on this case.

American Racial Incident Bingo

This. Is. Insulting.

The author is treating the incident as a game.  More than that, the very real arguments that challenge her point  of view are being marginalized to that of a common parlor game.

But Mike Brown robbed a convenience store!

Yes.  He did.

No one thinks that the punishment for felony strong armed robbery is the death penalty.  No one is making that case.  Rather, the point is that Mr. Brown state of mind at the time of the encounter was that of a felon – not that of a child seeking the company of his granny.

Mike Brown was a giant demon who charged at Darren Wilson, who had no recourse but to fear for his life and use lethal force.

It has been established that Mr. Brown not only charged Mr.s Wilson but that he assaulted him in the cruiser and attempted to take Mr. Wilson’s gun.

I’m white.  Anglo Saxon.  Protestant.  Male.  Upper Class.  If I try to steal a cop’s gun and then charge said cop I get shot too.

And, more importantly, this is what I teach my son.

Mike Brown smoked pot regularly and/or was high during his interaction with Wilson.

Smoking pot should be legal.  Pot smokers are more calm than alcohol drinkers.  I resonate with the author on this point.

Mike Brown was reaching for a gun when killed.

Mr. Brown was unarmed – but I’ve not heard the defense that he was reaching for a gun.  He simply was presenting a threat to Mr. Wilson.

Mike Brown was a threat and could not be taken into custody alive.

She had me at ‘threat’.

Why are you making this about race?

Serious.  Please check the data that suggests cops kill white people too.

What did riots ever solve? Why are people getting violent?

Wait.  No one is saying not to protest injustices or wrongs committed by the government.  DO!  I’m just saying that evidence suggests justice was served here.

Why riot?

The rest of the post degenerates into mostly straw man arguments save for the interesting:

Do you think you know better than the grand jury? Did you study state law?

I am not an attorney – neither is the author.  I am compelled by the evidence that the Grand Jury was provided all relevant evidence.  I cannot get into an argument regarding the Grand Jury.

Personally I think that the DA reviewed the evidence and came to the conclusion there was no case.  However, because of the political nature surrounding the events, decided that he was going to go forward with a Grand Jury.

It should not be surprising that a group of reasonable and rational people came to that same conclusion.