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Voter ID In North Carolina

Voter ID

Will all you race baiting jack-wagons please shut the hell up?

Raleigh, N.C. — Voters in North Carolina will not have to show photo identification at the polls until 2016, but the state Division of Motor Vehicles began issuing free photo ID cards Thursday to those who don’t have other forms of identification.

Teacher Unions Love Teachers – Not Students


Want some proof that unions representing teachers are in it for the teacher?

Raleigh, N.C. — The North Carolina Association of Educators filed a lawsuit in Wake County Superior Court on Wednesday, challenging the state’s new private school voucher program.

The advocacy group wants the court to declare unconstitutional the Opportunity Scholarships Act, which was passed by the General Assembly earlier this year, and stop the state from issuing the vouchers.

Under the program, state lawmakers set aside $10 million in the budget to help pay private school tuition for about 2,500 students, starting in the 2014-15 school year. Legislative leaders said they plan to ratchet the fund up to $50 million a year after that.

Teacher unions are about power; not kids or education.


Oh To Be Young – And Dumb

Youth Protest

Younger Generation’s View Of Politics

I have a sense that the younger generation is  more accepting of socalism than the rest of us:

Youth Socialism

Which, on the balance I guess, shouldn’t be surprising.  After all, the brain functions of an individual are not fully formed until sometime after 24-25.  Combine that with the constant praise and bubble of “failure-less” living that today’s parents provide, we shouldn’t be shocked to learn that our youngest citizens are fully accepting of the fact that other people should labor for their benefit.

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Income: Inequality And Rising Wealth

Income Inequality

Rich Get Richer – Poor Get Poorer

Is this true?  If you read the news you’ll think that it is – but is it really the case?

The problem with the studies that look at this topic is that they measure groups of people over time and not individuals through a life cycle of earning.  For example, we would all agree that as a young man just leaving college I would earn a salary that might be the lowest I’ll ever see in my life.  Then, as I age, gain experience and win promotions that salary would grow peaking when I am near 55 or so.  After that I may slow down, retire even seeing my “income” plummet as I rely on a pension, savings or social security.

Nothing at all controversial.

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Teacher Compensation: North Carolina


How Much To Pay A Teacher

I was a teacher.  My dad retired a teacher.  Many friends and family are still teachers.  Further, other than that family, teachers were some of the most influential people in my life  hell, one teacher is largely responsible for the man I am today.

And my kids have teachers.  Lots of ’em.

I. Love. Teachers

So, when asked how much we should pay teachers I come back to this:

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January Flight

Honey Bees in January:

They’ll leave the hive sometime around 52 degrees.

Mandatory Union Membership


Teacher’s Unions

I’ve never disputed the right of members of a group to gather in unity and plead their case.  For example, if I and several of my peers in the office were to band together and make the case that we needed more money – we have every right to do that.

As long as my employer can fire me if I stop working to protest his decision not to pay me more.

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Critique of Barack Obama – UK Style

Barack Obama

Barack Obama

I’m tough on Obama.  I don’t think he likes what America is.  I think that he wants a dramatically more redistributionist state than we have now.

And I don’t think that he has any meaningful experience that would lend itself to being President of these United States of America.

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IRS: Taregtting Conservatives And Liberals


IRS vs Bridgegate

I posted the difference in media coverage between the Chris Christie bridge scandal and the IRS targeting scandal.  I made the point that media coverage of the bridge scandal has dwarfed that of the IRS scandal in recent months.

In the comments nickgb called shenanigans base on the fact that the tails of a scandal are less covered than the beginnings of the scandal.

Full point.

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NAFTA – The Power of Choice


I often use the imagery of a full produce selection at my local grocery store to make the point that freer markets are better than less free markets.  Further, I like too make the point that while there are those Americans considered poor, they have options available to them that the most powerful kings in the world didn’t just 100 years ago – maybe 50.

It’s January here in North America – and yet you can go into nearly every supermarket and put fresh blueberries, raspberries, bananas and tomatoes into your cart.  It’s to the point of trivial.  For example, we just returned from Baltimore where my daughter competed in a dance conference.  As part of the routine, we make “adult punch” for the parents to enjoy after a long and stressful weekend.  Without even blinking an eye I add fresh oranges, mangos, blueberries and apples.

We have such abundance of fruit that in the middle of winter I can use it for such discretionary purposes as flavoring sangria.

Amazing what opening markets can do:

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