If You Like Your Plan You Can Keep Your Plan

The White House must be insane if they try and dispute the idea that this is the “Lie of the Year”

The White House on Friday said President Obama had “in a very honest way addressed” questions over his statement that individuals could keep their health care plans under ObamaCare, named by fact-checker PolitiFact as “Lie of the Year.”

“The president, in an interview earlier this fall, took this question head-on and expressed his concern for those individuals, those Americans, who received cancellation notices and were potentially adversely impacted by or affected by that,” White House press secretary Jay Carney said.

But the White House spokesman went on to jab the fact-checking organization, who in 2012 had declared the president’s statement “half true.”

“You know, end-of-the-year categorizations like that are always fun, even when they don’t jive with past characterizations of the very same statement, but we’re focused on implementation of the Affordable Care Act,” Carney said.

Stones.  Right there; that’s stones.

This isn’t the normal political “lie” where a candidate campaigns on “lower taxes” or “increased help for middle-class families” where the guy honestly will try and achieve the “campaign promise”.  No, this here, this is different.

In this case, the White House, Obama specifically, knowingly knew that millions of people would lose their plan well ahead of time and in a deceitful and purpose of mind, lied to the American people.

This is what people mean when they say “he lied”.

2 responses to “If You Like Your Plan You Can Keep Your Plan

  1. Given how well the Obama Administration has done in defending their lies for 5 years, it is not unrealistic to believe they may pull this one out. There is a large piece of America who are totally invested in Obama’s success. going along with Obama’s lies is worth the cost of their souls.

    Another group is just not very bright. They bought all of the lies. This group is shrinking. Mostly they are the post college kids who can’t find jobs paying well enough to both pay on their college loans and also start families. Now that they will bear the brunt of Obama Care’s redistribution of health care risk and cost, their IQs are going up fast. A smaller part of this group are the cultural elites who carved out their little exemptions from Obama Care. The NY Times had a good article on how these poor souls are now stunned that Barak would hit them. Their premiums are going up ( a lot ) because Obama Care needs to siphon off the healthy youngsters from their risk pools. As long as their guy was only harming others, they were happy. Some of us find joy in their discomfort. It’s wrong, but still funny.

    • The press will cover for Obama like they do for every Inner Party member — that is neither here no there. The reality is that people are playing more for the same or less coverage than they were before Obamacare, and the situation will only get worse going forward unless radical steps are taken by the GOP.

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