Musings On IQ


They repaved my neighborhood streets this past week.  As I was waiting for the pilot car I was struck by how good these guys were at making roads.

But how horrible they were at managing the schedule of pilot cars.

And I got to thinking:

  • IQ is highly heritable.  Up to 80% so.
  • IQ tests are an imperfect measure of intelligence.  But in the aggregate, are pretty good.
  • 100 years ago, occupation didn’t filter IQ.  That is, we had very intelligent people working in factories and shops and in the trades.  Much more so than we have today.
  • As colleges have become better at sorting on IQ, we have become a society that is sorted by intelligence.
  • People marry who they hang out with.
  • If intelligent people hang out with and marry other intelligent people, they will have children who have higher IQs.
  • If you took 1,000 employees who held traffic signs at construction sites and measured their IQs they would score lower than 1,000 college graduates.
  • Those 1,000 college graduates would score lower than 1,000 Harvard alum.

I don’t know what policy implications this has, but I’m afraid of the ramifications.


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