2000 Posts

I remember my first post:

A democrat governor and a discussion on the minimum wage.

This is 2,000.  I’ve been at it for more than four years now.

Back when this was hosted at wordpress, my traffic was stronger.  I slipped heavily when I moved to a self-hosted blog and, in  hind site, might not do that again.  However, the increased flexibility, should I need it, makes it more attractive should the need ever arise.

I started this site after my other attempt fizzled.  It was a great time as a friend of mine still living in Seattle were able to connect across a continent.  Time got too valuable and we couldn’t keep up, but we certainly talked, electronically and literally, much much more than we did in the years prior and following.

Through it all I learned a ton.  I’ve learned that I’m not a republican, I am more conservative than liberal.  I like individual freedom eve if it means that people are free to make bad and wrong decisions.  Icky messy decisions.

I’ve learned that meeting people online is rewarding.  That being an ass online is a lot like being an ass in real life.  It impacts people.  I’ve learned to read more, to question more and to keep my mind more open.

I’ve thought about stopping for awhile now.  Traffic isn’t growing like I would like and sometimes it feels the same arguments are rehashed time and time again.

But I like this.

So maybe it’s just time to refresh the site, try different strategies and just work harder.

So, here’s to 2,000 more!

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  1. Indeed my friend, here’s to 2000 more! Congratulations and may I say, well done.

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