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2013.Tobacco Road.Finish

Yesterday I ran – and finished – the Tobacco Road Half Marathon here in Raleigh.  Great times!

Last year I had hoped to run the full marathon but thought better of it.  This year I signed up for the half.

Advice if you wanna run either a half or a full marathon:

1.  Train

2.  See #1

I’m pretty busy and I let the training slide almost completely.  However, about 1-2 weeks before the race I started seeing behavior in my son that I wasn’t real keen on; not following through on goals, not competing at high levels and stuff like that.  So I felt that in order to make a statement to this little dude, I should run, finish and sing the praises of the value of a “Finisher’s Medal”.

So, I crash trained for 5 days.  The results were predictable.

Severe pain, agony and humiliation; a great number of people beat me who I had no business losing to.  However, I did mange to crack a sub-3 hour time AND bring home the hardware.  My son was duly impressed – we’ll see if it worked.

Anyway, bring on The City of Oaks!

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