From The “I Am So SHOCKED” File

Suffice it to say that I’m not surprised:

“To have a journalist have top secrets of the United States and not have it come from the CIA, not have it come from the director of national intelligence, this seems to have been given to him from someone in the White House,” King said.

Meanwhile, classified documents on the Benghazi terrorist attack will now be made available to lawmakers at a special meeting on Capitol Hill. It will be in a classified setting which means lawmakers cannot take copies with them.

In a real world with real laws and real leaders we wouldn’t be looking at classified documents 3 days AFTER an election where debate moderators and Presidents lie on national TV covering up the obvious.

But of course, we don’t live in that real world.

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  1. I’ve read a lot about Benghazi in the past couple days and I’m at a loss of why people think there is a scandal here. I see nothing. Condi Rice defends the administration. I honestly have no clue what you think is so serious. I’m truly at a loss to understand why you think this is a major issue – I certainly can’t see anything Obama did wrong.

    • I honestly have no clue what you think is so serious.

      I think an American Ambassador was murdered by terrorists.

      Obama agrees with you; this is not serious.

      • No, I mean in a negative light on Obama – the idea there is a scandal. No one doubts that it’s a serious act. But on the right there is a lot of noise that somehow there’s a scandal and I can’t figure out what the scandal is supposed to be.

        • No, I mean in a negative light on Obama – the idea there is a scandal.

          Leaders of countries whose ambassadors are murdered by terrorists typically refer to the terrorist attack as just that, a terrorist attack.

          Further, leaders of countries who delay the release of details of terrorist attacks until after elections are seen with skepticism. Add this to the fact that this leader’s CIA director was busy shtoopin’ the help and had a CIA base at the consulate….all while that leader’s Attorney General “kept the information from the President” just makes it look even worse.

          It’s hard for me to accept you don’t see this.

  2. So all you’re saying is that a delay while they investigate amounts to a scandal? They released details before the election, but really, the election is irrelevant. More important is to conduct a thorough investigation and fix what needs fixing. Even Condi Rice agreed – and she’s been there. Of course, given the attacks during Bush’s Presidency it’s interesting that one attack gets the right up in arms. I disagree, I think it’s prudent given how hard it is to get the right data quick. Clearly the Petraeus stuff that came out more recently needs to be investigated, but I think the right was fishing trying to turn Benghazi into a scandal when nothing was there. Yes, in any such attack there are mistakes and things to learn from. That’s how the media correctly treated it, in my opinion.

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