You Didn’t Build That

More and more Americans are waking up to the core beliefs this man has.  He’s a big government statist.  He thinks he can spend your money better than you.  And he believes, honest to God believes, that government builds people and not the other way around.

Each one of these people represents a qualification of leadership and accomplishment that he doesn’t.

3 responses to “You Didn’t Build That

  1. You’re just being silly. The Romney camp and FOX edit a quote to make it sound like something it’s not, and you’re going off the deep end to claim he has “core beliefs” that are radically statist. Yet if you listen to what Obama says and see what he does, quite the opposite is true. Pino, don’t go off the deep end falling for hyperpartisan election year propaganda, you’re better than that!

    • The Romney camp and FOX edit a quote

      I got the quote from reading the remarks and then searching YouTube for the clip.

      you’re going off the deep end to claim he has “core beliefs” that are radically statist.

      You don’t think that Obama is a believer in big government?

      • I believe Obama is a traditional moderate Democrat who prefers markets to work things out, but believes that in the crisis we’re in government has to play a role. That view is held by almost all economists and most conservatives. Obama’s “higher taxes” on the wealthy are still lower than the tax rates Reagan fought for. Obama’s effort for a ‘grand bargain’ with Boehner was about 85% spending cuts and 15% revenue increases (mostly closing tax loopholes on the wealthy). Romney seems to have no plan except to go back to the policies that caused this mess — deregulation and low taxes. Deregulation led to the wild speculation on Wall Street and derivative schemes, low taxes meant money chased bubbles rather than built jobs (that requires middle class demand). Yes, Obama is a moderate Democrat so he’s more optimistic about the use of government than conservative Republicans are. But it’s not radical, and I’m sure Mitt Romney has agreed with every one of Obama’s positions at some point in his life! 🙂

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