President Obama, College Kids and Phad Thai

I love my wife and Phad Thai.

So, every Tuesday I drive to the local Thai restaurant, order Phad Thai pork, Thai Hot, to go and then run next door to buy 2 gluten free cupcakes.  I take every effort to ensure that I park, order, run and pay as efficient as I can; Phad Thai, Thai hot, is best eaten hot.

So you can imagine my immense frustration when I was blocked by a dozen of North Carolina’s finest for 30+ minutes until a certain President Obama could pass through safely on his way to UNC.

In all honesty, seeing the Presidential escort was very cool.  I gladly ate my cold Phad Thai knowing that I was within 50 yards of the most powerful man in all the world.

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  1. Were any of the Secret Service agents looking for companionship??

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