Obamacare’s Legacy

With the end of their careers near, several Democrats are opening up about the truths of Obamacare, what it cost them, the party and possibly Obama.

The elections are right around the corner and the campaign season is right on top of us.  Lot’s of people are gonna be out front and talking about the issues that might impact this season.  And Obamacare certainly will get it’s chance to shine.

In fact, already Democrats are backing away from Obama’s signature piece of legislation.  They failed to celebrate it’s anniversary instead focusing their enrgy on the anniversery of Romneycare.

Then came the feelings of several democrats leaving office:

 “I think we would all have been better off — President Obama politically, Democrats in Congress politically, and the nation would have been better off — if we had dealt first with the financial system and the other related economic issues and then come back to healthcare,” said Rep. Brad Miller (D-N.C.), who is retiring at the end of this Congress.

Miller, who voted for the law, said the administration wasted time and political capital on healthcare reform, resulting in lingering economic problems that will continue to plague Obama’s reelection chances in 2012.

Rep. Dennis Cardoza (D-Calif.) also criticized his party’s handling of the issue, and said he repeatedly called on his leaders to figure out how they were going to pay for the bill, and then figure out what they could afford.

Cardoza, who like Miller will retire at the end of the Congress, said he thought the bill should have been done “in digestible pieces that the American public could understand and that we could implement.”

The most recent wave of misgivings from Democrats began with Rep. Barney Frank (D-Mass.), who told New York magazine that Democrats “paid a terrible price for healthcare.”

Frank said Obama had erred in pushing the legislation after GOP Sen. Scott Brown’s January 2010 victory in Massachusetts, which took away the Senate Democrats’ 60th vote.

Better off….

criticized his party’s handling…..

Obama had erred….

I’m sure Obamacare is a mistake.  On two levels.  In the first, Obamacare isn’t going to reduce the cost of healthcare and in the second, the idea that the government one man’s version of charity is incredible.

What I didn’t expect, however, was the reaction of the democrats.

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