Joe Biden Is A Cheapskate


I just mentioned that President Obama is a liar.  He claims to want to pay higher taxes, yet, when given the opportunity, he doesn’t.  Rather he chooses to shelter his money and keep what he can.  In fact, Obama pays less in taxes than does his secretary.


Now we find out that his Veep, Joseph Biden, is a cheapskate.

The vice president’s effective federal tax rate is 23.2%. The Bidens gave $5,540 to charity, a little less than 2% of income.

TWO percent of the Vice President of the United State’s income went to charity.

And the left has the balls to claim that conservative republicans don’t care about the poor, about kids, about education and the downtrodden.

On the other hand, perhaps we can defend Mr. Biden for stretching his pennies into copper wire.  See, the Liberal doesn’t see taxation as confiscation.  Rather, the liberal sees taxation AS CHARITY!  They feel that by legislating laws that force people to pay for their charity of choice that they have somehow acted in a moral manner.

Beware the Leftist who is willing to spend YOUR money in the name of his charity.


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