Of Liberals And Conservatives: Rush and Maher

Rush stepped in it.

I know he’s an entertainer.  I know he’s just a commentator looking for ratings.  I know he likes to lambaste.

But there’s a line; he crossed it.

What I find interesting isn’t that Rush crossed that line or the hot water he’s now in, that’s predictable and this’ll pass.  What I find interesting is the standard that liberals have of themselves.

See, conservatives have values.  And they wear those values on their sleeves.  I happen to think that we might do that a bit too much and a bit too often, but hey.  And even as we embrace those values we do so knowing that we’re gonna fall short.  Sometimes from time to time and other times fairly often.  And the fact that we know we’re gonna fall short doesn’t change the fact that we know we need to strive to live a life chasing those values.

Is it hilarious that “family values” icons end up being discovered in the arms of another woman?  Yeah.  I happen to think it is.  However, that doesn’t change the fact that family values is important.  That getting married and staying married is good for society.  In fact, just from a social economic stand point, getting married before having kids is 1 of the 3 key steps to avoid poverty.

So yeah, the value thing is important.  And conservatives have ’em.  And everyone knows it.

Even liberals.

So, what I find interesting isn’t the fact that a conservative commentator made a mistake, I don’t find it interesting to see the left hammer him.  I don’t think it’s interesting that he’s seeing advertisers flee his show or that he apologized.

I DO find it interesting that none of those things happen when Bill Maher does the same thing.  When Mr. Maher drops the “C-word” or refers to a woman as a twat narry a whisper from the left.

It’s a values thing.

The liberal doesn’t embrace things like values and so when they fail to live up to them, there’s no outrage.  We don’t EXPECT Maher to behave.  There’s no baseline of acceptable behavior.  There is no line to cross.

I’ll take values and the cross of failing to live up to ’em over having no earthly care in the world any and every day.

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  1. What I don’t get is that these guys are entertainers, just like B.’s idol, Glen Beck. I realise they have a huge amount of influence, but in my mind, they are just entertainers. I suppose people just don’t want to sit through C-Span and get it straight from the horse’s mouth. I get it. It’s not entertaining. In fact, it’s as fun as a root canal. Although, the dentist sang to me while giving me mine, so it was quite a nice distraction. Reckon if they came up with “C-Span the Musical”, people would watch it more?

    • What I don’t get is that these guys are entertainers, just like B.’s idol, Glen Beck.


      Some have been known to switch sides even.


      And yes, if they set C-Span to the tunes of “Chicago” I’d watch. Who wouldn’t? Heck, who couldn’t?

  2. Maher lost his job once for something he said — that’s never happened to Rush (I think it was after 9-11).

    But it’s not the “liberals,” it’s the market. It’s people choosing to use social media among other things to put pressure on advertisers to withdrawal their sponsorship. That’s good old American capitalism in action — ironic, perhaps, that the liberals may be better at that than the conservatives. (Actually, I think it’s just that Rush is a much bigger name than Maher, so he makes a bigger target, regardless of the politics).

    • But it’s not the “liberals,” it’s the market.

      I love how the liberals are getting it done. Serious. This is the way that such movements should take place. I am much more impressed with the folks going after advertisers than I am when they throw bricks through buildings.

  3. Values are how you live, not what you wear on your sleeve. I think it ought to be clear by now that Rush has no values.

    And as for “conservatives have values and liberals don’t”, I think you’ve finally completely stepped into the tribalism. That’s inane.

    • And as for “conservatives have values and liberals don’t”, I think you’ve finally completely stepped into the tribalism. That’s inane.


      I’m not saying liberals don’t have or live by values; virtually all my liberal friends and family members are wonderfully valued individuals. I’m saying that they don’t expect their “leaders” to live by those values.

      Our President called the girl because he wants to encourage his daughters:

      One of the things I want them to do as they get older is to engage in issues they care about, even ones I may not agree with them on

      Yet when those same daughters are exposed to the same language but from the left, apparently there is no such moral outrage and support for divergent views. In fact, according to Stewart and Colbert*, the Obama campaign has decided to KEEP the $1 million that Maher donated.

      No one from Media Matters mounts an anti-Maher campaign.

      The point is, no one expects Maher to act in a proper manner. The right ignores him and the left appreciates the chum he throws into their shark tank.

      * It is those two guys that are making a mockery of the fact that Super PACS and campaigns are not one and the same, right?

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  5. Rush has a lot more listeners and influence. But it’s not just about the word used, Rush has said lots of things that could be seen as an insult of women. It was the fact he went after a student who was speaking up on an issue a slut and prostitute because she has birth control, and demanded she post videos of her “sex tapes” and said her family should be ashamed of her. Wow. If Maher has done something to that level, let me know.

    Beyond that, Maher doesn’t have much audience and attention. Rush does. There’s a big difference, people pay attention to Rush. Also, this was a social media phenomena – not just “Liberals” but a lot of people angered, spreading it through facebook and pressuring sponsors. It’s not a liberal/conservative thing, it’s whatever ignites social media.

    I’m more bothered by the fact Rush yesterday defended one of the most evil men on the planet – Joseph Kony, whose organization has abducted over 30,000 children and turned them into killing machines and sex slaves for his own personal ambition. Rush claimed that the US helping Uganda was Obama “siding with Muslims against Christians” and defended Kony. Bizarre.

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