State Of The Union: Class Warfare and Economic Fairness

I just heard the lead up to the State of the Union address.  The reporter for CBS News just mentioned that the President is going to focus on “Economic Fairness” during much of his speech tonight.  As a special guest tonight, Warren Buffet’s secretary is going to be in attendance.

This is going to be great.

One response to “State Of The Union: Class Warfare and Economic Fairness

  1. I thought he pulled it off well, and certainly did not sound like he was promoting class envy or anything like that. It’s true that when we have high debt that if the wealthiest pay a lower percentage than the middle class the gap is paid for buy the middle class. Calling for fairness is not war. Now, one can still argue he’s wrong, but the argument is legit and shouldn’t be brushed away by labeling it.

    Of course, that’s my perspective, I’ll be interested to read how it sounded to you!

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