Harvard Business Review Proves I Am A Trophy Husband

I make no secret that my wife is bigger, faster, stronger, smarter and more able to survive in the wild than I am.  She is gifted, really and truly, gifted.

I am not.

And a recent stat from the Harvard Business Review reinforces what I have always believed:

I am a trophy husband!

More Older Women Marrying Younger Men

The proportion of male-female partnerships in which the woman is at least five years older than the man increased sharply in the UK and the United States in the 1980s and 1990s: Having remained at about 3% for decades, it rose to 8.3% in 2000 and is likely much higher now, say Melvyn G. Coles and Marco Francesconi of the University of Essex in the UK. Today’s wider career choices give women the opportunity to increase their desirability through financial success, an option that once was limited to males, the researchers say.

My wife is older than I am, sshhhhh, and her success in the world has afforded her the luxury of marrying me!

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