Voter Fraud: Dead Man Walking

With the wave of Republican victories in the states in 2010 elections, one of the goals has been to tighten Voter ID laws.  Currently there is no requirement to show ID in order to vote.  Republicans are changing that by passing legislation into law that requires some form of state ID in order to vote on election day.

Democrats are crying foul.

The claim from those on the left is that such laws are aimed to diminish the Democrat vote.  The logic, as I understand it, is that the people who don’t have valid state IDs are the poor, minority voters.  And these poor and minority voters typically vote Democrat.

As evidence that these laws are being passed to repress voters is the argument that voter fraud is not common; in fact, it’s very rare.  While I’m willing to accept the fact that voter fraud is not rampant, I have little faith in the methods that measure it.  For example, how are you able to audit such an event?  Ballots are private, anonymous and carry no identifying marker.  I’m not sure of the science behind the data.

In any event, the whole argument smacks of, “We are willing to allow a certain degree of fraud in order to allow more of my voters to vote.”

The whole of the Democrat argument is one of politics.

However, there IS a certain statistic that is easily validated when verifying voter fraud; dead voters.  How surprised was I to see this:

Time and time again the reporters were given ballots.  In some cases they even tried to make the case that they didn’t have ID only to be assured that they didn’t need it.

No fraud indeed.

Hat Tip: Larry Volker

4 responses to “Voter Fraud: Dead Man Walking

  1. Hey, you’re being racist. Voter ID has nothing to do with preventing voter fraud, and it isn’t a problem. Beyond that, that video didn’t happen and the reporters are all LIARS! 😉

  2. Well, yes: James O’Keefe likes to commit felonies. That’s old news.

    There remains zero proof that anyone other than O’Keefe and perhaps Ann Coulter have committed voter fraud. There’s zero evidence that it’s a real-world problem. Republicans simply want to reduce voter turnout.

    • There’s zero evidence that it’s a real-world problem. Republicans simply want to reduce voter turnout.

      There is plenty of proof. More than 2,000 dead people voted in Minnesota en route to Franken’s win in the Senate. A seat he won by a disputed 3xx votes. Other than that, why would you craft a law stipulating who can and who can’t vote if you refuse to validate that law?

      It’s simply a case of Democrats wanting to influence the vote.

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