Michelle Bachmann Drops Out Of The Race

As expected, Michelle Bachmann announced that she is leaving the race for the Republican nomination.  This comes on the heels of a poor showing in Iowa, a state that Bachmann had to have in order to demonstrate viability.

She did poorly last night and this morning she is  out:

Mrs. Bachmann said on Wednesday morning that she would not continue her campaign for the Republican presidential nomination.

“Last night, the people of Iowa spoke with a very clear voice, and so I have decided to stand aside,” Mrs. Bachmann said at a news conference in West Des Moines.

I never thought that Bachmann was a serious candidate.  Typically it’s an insider with long term ties to the party that gets the nod.  Further, we have a history of nominating political “Do’ers” and not “Voters”.  This is why we see more governors running than Senators,  And Bachmann wasn’t even a Senator.

She added value to the race by providing a serious conservative slant.  And hopefully, she was able to pull candidates further right than they otherwise would have.  Further, her national attention will now allow her to mount a run for the US Senate where she would face Democrat Amy Kloboucher.  After having the seat stolen from the Republicans in 2008, it would be nice to get one back in 2012.

Good luck Michelle.

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