Pino’s Law: Travel Mugs

For any trivial number N greater than 2 travel coffee mugs, there will ALWAYS be N-2 dirty non-dish washer safe mugs available on the counter.  Further, there will be N-(N-2) dirty dish washer safe mugs in the dish washer.

There is no counter example to this law.


Corollary One:

Buying more Travel Mugs does not increase either:

  • The number of clean mugs
  • The chance any mug will be clean

It only increases the number of dirty Travel Mugs at any time.

3 responses to “Pino’s Law: Travel Mugs

  1. Too funny. I returned to town to find the bag of dirty travel mugs I brought home Friday. They typically congregate on the left side of my desk, the console of my truck, and the garage. Slowly and reliably they find their way back to their Mecca- the blessed Dishwasher.

    • I returned to town

      Merry Kwanza.

      the bag of dirty travel mugs I brought home Friday.

      The bag. The bag just gets bigger and the trip to Mecca just occurs later.

  2. Let me add that we have already manufactured every t-shirt mankind is likely to need for the next century.

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