Cain To Endorse Gingrich

The nomination is now down to two, Newt or Mitt, and I don’t think it’ll be close.  It’s a primary, and voters trend to the to the left or right,depending on which party we’re talking about.  I don’t see the Republicans moving to the middle and selecting Mitt.

However, who is a candidate better able to beat Barack?  I’m not sure.  Mitt actually steals Obama’s votes.  But Gingrich will garner more support from Republicans, especially Republican insiders.

Either way, Obama loses.  He’s simply lost too many big time Democrat businessmen, his youth vote has grown up and a second term would only be the second time we’ve had a black President, not the first.

Anyway, it should surprise no one that Herman Cain is supporting Newt Gingrich:

Fox 5 Atlanta reported Sunday that businessman Herman Cain would endorse GOP presidential candidate Newt Gingrich on Monday.

3 responses to “Cain To Endorse Gingrich

  1. Obama easily disposes of Gingrich. Mitt could beat Obama. Obama’s personal approvals are still high, and given the economy his state polls show many paths to 270. Demographics are in his favor too. If the economy improves a bit in 2012, he may have an easy victory. The electorate in a Presidential year is different than in an off year. OWS could also motivate the youth who certainly have not shifted to the GOP. I suspect Gingrich will self-destruct before he can be nominated. Romney vs. Obama would actually put two very good people against each other.

    • Obama easily disposes of Gingrich. Mitt could beat Obama.

      We’ll see, obviously.

      I’ll admit that Obama wants Newt to win.

      • While I think Obama could easily beat Newt, I get the impression in other conversations that Obama’s team really wants Romney because they are confident they have a strategy that will beat him. For all his negatives Newt brings something new to the picture and thus more uncertainty. But it’s still early in the game…

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