More Fight Than The Whole Team

The Vikings are horrible.  The whole team sucks.

And the worst part of it all, this guy, THIS guy has more fight than the whole 2011 squad combined.

According to media reports from Canada, former Vikings quarterback Joe Kapp got into a fight on the dais at a Canadian Football League banquet on Friday in Vancouver.

Kapp, 73, and former rival Angel Mosca, 74, had to be separated when Mosca didn’t take kindly to flowers that Kapp offered him.

He’d probably make the team if we offered him a shot.

3 responses to “More Fight Than The Whole Team

  1. I started watching the Vikes seriously when Joe Kapp was QB. Bud Grant, Joe Kapp, cold as a state of mind….now THAT was Viking football. Eller, Larsen, Page and Marshal…Hilgenberg, Warwick, Winston…Bryant, Wright, Krause, Kassulke. I have the sudden urge to listen to Mary Hopkin’s “Those Were the Days.”

    • Not many remember the 4th of the Purple People Eaters.

      Few know that Krause holds the INT record.

      I wonder how many can pronounce Kassulke.

      • I still remember Kassulke’s accident — a woman from out state stopped on I-494 in the fast lane to look at her map as she was new to the big city and wasn’t sure how to get to her job interview. She figured that with so many lanes people could just go around her. Kassulke was riding a motorcycle and had not time to shift away from a stopped car and ended up partially paralyzed. I did subscribe to a newsletter about the Vikes he put out after that.

        Yup, Krause is the INT King. I mean that era is special: Tingelhoff, Alderman, Yary, White, a backfield of Brown, Osborn, Gene Washington catching passes…Beasley, Voigt…later (I can hear Cosell’s voice): “Johnnny Gilliam!”

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