Election Rules: Cause No One Ever Cheats

North Carolina, and other states, have taken significant heat from the Left for wanting to implement rules that govern elections and voting in them.  You know, crazy stuff like having to prove you are who you say you are and stuff like that.

I’ve always maintained that the idea is the right idea.  I think that we should have a system in place where people have to prove that they are a citizen of the precinct they are voting in.  Otherwise there’s nothing to prevent me from just opening a phone book and passing as any old random dude in the neighborhood.  However, I have also resonated with the idea that the problem isn’t that big of a deal.  That people MAY cheat, but if they are, it’s low impact and doesn’t impact anything.

Then this news:

Raleigh, N.C. — A three-term Morrisville Town Council member running for re-election tried to vote Tuesday after already submitting an early absentee ballot, Wake County Board of Elections officials said.

Linda Lyons, who serves District 1, was already under investigation by the elections board in connection with the handling of at least five absentee ballots for voters in her district, board Director Cherie Poucher said Monday.

Five absentee ballots had to be thrown out after voters told elections officials that Lyons was the signed witness on their ballots and that she took possession of the ballots after voters filled them out, Poucher said.

It is a felony to even touch a ballot belonging to anyone but a close relative.

So, Linda, THE candidate tried to vote twice.  To think that she didn’t also elicit others to help her is insane.  Further, she took possession the ballots of five other people who submitted absentee ballots.  This is illegal.  So illegal we call it a felony.  A felony.

How can a crime be a felony if you don’t require proof of self?

But really, how big a deal can this be?  I mean, can one woman really impact a race?

Unofficial elections results Tuesday night show that Lyons trailed challenger Mike Schlink by three votes.


The only reason Democrats oppose rules that enforce fair elections is because they know that the people typically don’t have, or won’t show, proper ID are people that typically vote Democrats.  They won’t argue on the merits of rules.  They won’t argue on the merit of reasonability.  For the Democrat, this is politics pure and simple.  For the Democrat, this is about getting every single ballot for their side in the bucket; fair or not.  And when they’re confronted, they flop like Karl Malone and call “Foul”!

Well, they’ve been caught.  I no longer will give the Left the token “The impact is so small as not to matter.”

It does.  And they know it.  And if they say otherwise, they are lying.


7 responses to “Election Rules: Cause No One Ever Cheats

  1. I was watching this on the news yesterday and couldn’t (and yet could) believe it. The excuses the Democrats were giving to allow these votes were an absolute joke. First, there’s only one reason why someone doesn’t have valid, government-issued photo ID – it’s because they’re not legally allowed to be voting in either the state or in the country altogether, and perhaps (most likely), they’re illegal altogether and shouldn’t be in the country in the first place.

    Second, if someone can get ID and simply hasn’t before election time, then this shows they’re to incapable of thinking between 2 and 4 years ahead and too lazy or irresponsible to act, in which case they probably shouldn’t be voting anyways because they’re likely a freeloader.

    Third, the race card? Seriously? What an insult to this country’s legal citizens of all colors and nationalities.

  2. But they caught her didn’t they? the system worked as is. And if someone is going to fill out and sign other people’s absentee ballots all the voter ID requirements in the world won’t stop them.

    • But they caught her didn’t they?

      They did. The larger point is that she cheated. In an election where it mattered. The Left would have you believe that it doesn’t happen.

    • The Democrats aren’t arguing that the system works so much as they’re saying one shouldn’t need Government ID to be able to vote. I’m arguing this less on process and more on principle. I don’t see any legitimate excuse for someone not having proper government ID.

      • I don’t see any legitimate excuse for someone not having proper government ID.

        There is none. The only reasonable explanation is that Democrats are doing this for political expediency.

  3. Or it’s just another step in the government getting us all micro-chipped? haha

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