How To Address The Deficit

All the talk has been about how we are going to reduce our debt and cut into our deficit.  Indeed, much debate has occurred over the proper way to accomplish this.  Those on the right are more willing to see a solution that attacks this problem only through reduction in spending.  More centrist folks want a raise in the tax revenues to be part of that solution.

I happen to fall in the middle.  While I really want spending to be the only method we use, I’m willing to compromise and agree to small tax increases.  But only because I don’t think the taxes being proposed are meaningful and amount to a political win only for the Democrats.

In other words, give ’em there trophy so that we can get to the business of fixing this mess.

But then I saw this:

Democratic leaders in the Senate are scrambling to avoid defections on President Obama’s jobs package, which appears headed for defeat on Tuesday.

Lieberman opposes the bill because the 5.6 percent surtax on millionaires is being used for new spending instead of reducing the deficit

This is why you can’t negotiate with these people.  And this is why this problem may never get fixed.

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  1. A simple solution. Every bill should to be limited to just one page. This would prevent politicians from loading tons of useless junk into an otherwise good piece of legislation. Give me a thousand very short one page bills rather than a single bill the size of a telephone directory.

    (Note: One page does not mean a single piece of paper 40 feet wide and 150 feet long. It also does not mean a standard 8.5 inch by 11 inch sheet of paper printed with a font size of .00001 points.)

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