Race Based Services

Last week, Sean asked if the bake sale in California was racist.

This past Tuesday, the Berkeley College Republicans sponsored a bake sale on campus that sold cupcakes at different prices based on ethnicity. Whites had to pay the highest prices at $2 per cupcake, while Native Americans received the lowest prices at 25 cents.

Now, I’m a firm believer in the Rand Paul version of race relations.  That is, it’s perfectly legal, certainly not reasonable, for a private merchant to serve who he wants.  And not to serve who he doesn’t.  Further, I think the word racist is misused today.  Probably in the same way that liberals feel conservatives misuse Socialist.

Do I think the bake sale is racist?  No.

Do I think it’s discriminatory?  Yes.

Do I think it’s satire in the same way Jon Stewart is satire?  Most certainly.

However, I also think it’s appropriate.  Universities all over the country are going out of their way to sell their “cupcakes” at different prices to different people base don nothing but race.

Consider admission into the University of Wisconsin Law School:


So, what’s up with Wisconsin?  Why so racist?  Why is the School of Law at the University of Wisconsin so over the top inappropriate?

I suggest that they’re so inappropriate because they don’t know they are being inappropriate.  Consider admission into the University of Michigan School of Law:


And Nebraska:


The point?

We make race an issue.  The fact is that the color of your skin DOES matter.  It matters a whole lot.  Wanna get into law school?  Be black.  Wanna NOT get into law school?  Be white.

Is what those kids in California are doing shocking?  Sure, I think so.  Selling a cupcake for less money depending on your skin color IS shocking.  SHOULD be shocking.

But it’s no different that the Leftists selling law degrees for less depending on your skin color.


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