Where Spending More Is A Feature – Not A Bug


Leading hospital in the nation; if not the world:

Durham, N.C. — Babies born with a skull deformity can get help from Duke University Hospital surgeons who are the first in the state to perform a minimally invasive procedure to fix the problem.

Open surgery, which is standard to correct the problem offers great results, but a lot of blood loss and some permanent scars are associated with it.

Catherine will become the first infant in North Carolina to undergo an alternative surgery, which uses two small incisions and endoscopic cameras.

“The visualization now with our optics is so good with high definition that we can see … just beautifully,” Duke neurosurgeon Dr. Gerald Grant said.

I bet’cha this procedure is WILDLY popular in Singapore, Japan, Sweden and Norway.  Not to mention such medical hotspots as Poland, Cuba and Hungary.

But because those countries rate ahead of us on such meaningful statistics as quality of potato soup and rocks per square farmland yard they rank ahead of the United States in Health Care stats.

As if.

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