Hurricane Season 2011: July Review

I’m a little late on this post, but, on the other hand, there hasn’t been a lot to write about concerning this topic.  True to form, the Atlantic hurricane season has begun slow.  For the few years that I’ve been following this, it’s par for the course.  Start slow and then really gear down as the season moves into “adulthood”.

So, where are we?

The predictions for 2011 are:

  • Tropical Storms: 18
  • Hurricanes: 6-10
  • Major Storms: 3-6

And we are at:

  • Tropical Storms: 4
    • Arlene: June
    • Bret: July
    • Cindy: July
    • Don: July
  • Hurricanes: 0
  • Major Storms: 0

In short, for the whole of July, we are just 3 more tropical storms further along than we were in June.

And through July of 2010?

  • Tropical Storms: 2
  • Hurricanes: 1
  • Major Storms: 0

So far, 2011 is a little more active than 2010, but only if you count named storms and not hurricanes.

3 responses to “Hurricane Season 2011: July Review

  1. We keep our fingers crossed down here – it only takes one . . .

    Traditionally August is the most active month and Sept/Oct most active for storms that originate in the Gulf. We’ve been lucky for the last few years but Andrew, Katrina and Charley brought enough death and devastation to make up for 20 lesser storms.

    • We keep our fingers crossed down here – it only takes one . . .

      We’re in a push me – pull you situation. We are massively dry and would welcome the rain but are correctly afraid of the damage. Such a delicate balance.

      • We’re actually in a fourth year of drought too – although dry here is not the same as dry elsewhere. A normal year would mean 55 inches of rain, but drought is official at about 40 inches.

        A slow moving, mild, tropical storm would be just the thing for us. And I wish you thunder and lightnight and then a nice all-day farmer’s rain.

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