Wisconsin Election Results

The Wisconsin Senate is made up of 33 members.  This morning the sun shone on 19 Republicans and 14 Democrats.  A solid majority for the Republicans.

However, because Democrats are upset that properly elected Senators passed a bill that was also passed by properly elected Congressman which was then signed into law by properly elected Governors, they are forcing, and have indeed, forced, a recall election for 6 of those 19 Republican seats.

For the Democrats to emerge victorious, they must defeat 3 incumbent Republicans.  This would be a 6 seat turn around giving the cry babies, sorry, sore losers, ahem, Democrats a razor thin majority; 16-17.

Those who remember the Prosser election with sadness are destined to be sad again.  Going into the final race, the Republicans were “winning” 3-2.  But a tie goes to the losers, ahem, Democrats.  So they need to win 4 out of 6.  And the last Democrat was ahead by 2,000 votes.

However, there is no joy in Mudville as only 1 f 11 Waukesha precincts reported.  This is the Waukesha that broke for Prosser 73% to 27%.  And guess what, glory be to the gods, ‘ol Waukesha stood and delivered!  They cared for the Republican 66% to 34%.

And to think, two more Democrats will face recall elections for their actions in running away from the office they swore to serve.


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