Minnesota Vikings Fail

I recently posted about the fact that just because a person or group of persons are horrible at a thing doesn’t mean that they aren’t that thing.  My context was, of course, the Leftist President Obama, but I used the Pittsburgh Pirates to illustrate my point.

Just because the Pittsburgh Pirates haven’t had a winning season in 18 years doesn’t mean they not a baseball team.  It means that they are a SHITTY baseball team.

Not surprisingly, this rankled long time [?] reader [actually I’m surprised ANYONE reads this 😉 ] and friend of mine who correctly pointed out in the comment section:

just because the Vikings havent won a super bowl doesn’t mean they aren’t a football team, just means they’re a shitty one.

Turns out she’s right:

Science validates experience: Vikings are hardest local team for fans to root for, says study

The numbers on this one probably didn’t need crunching, but a business publication went ahead and did it anyway: Your Minnesota Vikings are the most difficult of the four major pro teams in the Twin Cities for which to cheer.

It appears as though the criteria was based primarily on wins and losses in the past decade — not heartbreak, off-field shenanigans or the emotional wringer of QBs who just like to have fun out there — which makes the Vikings’ victory more impressive.

From the Business Journal:

The Vikings ranked as the 30th most difficult team to cheer for among all of the 122 teams in the four major professional sports after finishing seventh among the NFL’s 32 teams. That was the highest mark among local teams, and this is one list where you don’t want to be at the top. On Numbers based its rankings on the principle that a perennial loser is harder to root for than team that consistently wins.


Truly, the Vikings are AWESOME at sucking.

However, I do feel better:

The Wolves ranked 37th overall, the Wild 56th and the Twins 76th. The Washington Nationals were the hardest team to root for — finishing slightly ahead of the Detroit Lions.

It makes me feel a little bit better about the prospect of sending the “Christian” to the “Lions”!


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  1. Cheer up, you could be a life long Bengals fan like me. Talk about teams that are hard to cheer for. Yeesh.

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  3. OK, I apparently left my comment in the wrong thread, I’m not sure how that happened. You can erase that. So I’ll say it here: I’m a hard core Minnesota Vikings fan and I always will be! (And I like Obama too…)

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