For The Record

I believe in the nobility and the divinity of the soul.

I feel that all life is precious and a gift given to us by that power which each of us is free to name; or not name.

I understand that part of our responsibility is to provide for the relief of others less fortunate, whether this be in the short term or in the long term.

I am aware that my successes and joys are the result of the sweat and sacrifice of those generations that have come before me.  In some cases, these sacrifices were true and terminating; think soldiers dying in war.  In other cases, these sacrifices were of labor and drudgery; think the factory worker.  And in others, these sacrifices were of joy and celebration; think educators.  I stand on the shoulders of giants.

I know that all mankind is obligated to watch and care for his brother.  That the joy and peace of my fellowman is a much mine to care for and grow than if it were my own.  It is, after all.

When sick, we should heal.

When hungry, we should feed.

When poor, we should enrich.

When tired, we should relieve.

When burdened, we should shoulder.

These are things that I know.  And that I hope to be teaching.

After these things, when they have all been satisfied to my ability, I reflect on the worlds view of me.  And I am at peace.

However, it causes me no small amount of pain and frustration that because I believe in these things, these things that, when wrapped into one concept which I call Liberty, I am called greedy or callous.  That because I believe that the proper and most noble state of man is found within Liberty that I should be thought of as selfish.

As if.

I find it more noble and empowering to “want” in freedom than to “have” in bondage.

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