Hurricane Season 2011: June Review

We’re one month into the hurricane season here on the Atlantic side of the continent.  While the season begins in June, the storms really don’t start spawning until later in the summer.  I’m not a climatologist. not that that stops OTHER people -ahem Gore ahem- from pretending, but I suspect the reason the season starts out so slow is that the oceans need to heat up.  Again, I don’t know…

Earlier this year the National Hurricane Center made some predictions.  Last year as the season wore on I thought that maybe the storms would be equally distributed.  However, as I mentioned above, they aren’t.  So, the advantage we’ll have this year is that we can keep track of the season as it progresses and we can compare to the season last year.

So, where are we?  Let’s check:

As I mentioned, the National Hurricane Center made predictions:

  • Tropical Storms: 18
  • Hurricanes: 6-10
  • Major Storms: 3-6

And so far in June?

  • Named Storms: 1
  • Tropical Storms: 1
    • Arlene
  • Hurricanes: 0
  • Major Hurricanes: 0

Slow start to a season.  But how slow?  Let’s check 2010:

Through July, 2010 had 2 tropical storms and 1 hurricane.  So it looks like were right on track.

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