North Carolina Budget: Veto Override

For the first time since Ulysses S. Grant was President, the North Carolina budget has been proposed by a republican controlled body.

And the state governor, Beverly Perdue, didn’t like said budget.  So, she vetoed it.

The state senate has a veto proof majority; the house, not so much.

But tonight the governor was told that she must obey the will of the people.  Her veto was overruled in the house and will be sent to the senate.

There comes a time when the ways of the past are best served IN the past.  When they path forward is a change from the path looking back.  Re-evaluating what has worked, and what hasn’t, isn’t the mark of a coward, it’s the mark of the innovator, the changer.

In North Carolina we have been held hostage to the ways of the past for too long.  The war that separated us, that labelled us “Us” then them “Them” has given up it’s last dead.  It has buried it’s last casualty.  We can now know that here, in this state, it is okay to stand for responsible government without also having to bend to the causes that drive us to reckless abandon.

We can stand for discipline without having to trade fiscal foolishness.

We can stand for economic growth without having to trade pet projects.

We’re in debt.  We need to make some tough decisions.  And we need to make them now.

Tonight we did:

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