Governor Perdure Vetoes Budget

Republicans hold both houses of congress here in North Carolina for the first time in about 140 years.  That’s a long time to wait.

For once, it’ll be a Republican lead agenda that shapes the fiscal direction in Raleigh.  Whatever bill ends up being passed into law will be one the Republicans drafted, and built and approved.  And it looks like Governor Purdue is making sure that the folks of North Carolina know that.

This past week a budget was passed by the Senate and then the House.  In both houses, the republicans are able to pass virtually whatever legislation they want.  The Senate has a super majority and the house only slightly less.  Up until Sunday, the bill only needed Purdue’s signature to make the bill a law.  Then on Sunday she vetoed it.

Raleigh, N.C. — Democratic Gov. Bev Perdue vetoed the General Assembly’s $19.7 billion, two-year budget Sunday afternoon. After a reiteration of her belief that  investment in education has been the hallmark of North Carolina’s success, Perdue said, “I will not put my name on a plan that so blatantly ignores the values that have built this great North Carolina.”

I’m guessing that this is all just Kabuki Theater.  The republicans have learned from their past attempt at a budget and wrote the bill to gather enough Democrats in the house to over ride the veto; the senate has enough republicans as is.  The governor knows this and had only to decide to support the bill or force the republicans to own it.

She choose the latter.

For better or for worse.

2 responses to “Governor Perdure Vetoes Budget

  1. The governor knows that she has lost the war, yet she refuses to roll over and accept defeat. Her beliefs may be right; they may be wrong; however, in my book she gets points for standing her ground and doing what she believes is right.

    • in my book she gets points for standing her ground and doing what she believes is right.

      I can see it.

      You’re right, she has lost this war. The republicans will pass this budget and she’ll not like it. However, I suspect that democrats are not yet accustomed to being ruled by the republicans. From what Ive seen, Purdue hasn’t even tried to work with the republican leadership. She demands her priorities and nothing else will do.

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