Governments Around The World Call For Alternative Forms Of Communication


It’s true.

Man made cancer is here!  And we have to stop it!

Already, Democrat Senators in Washington are crafting legislation that would tax abusive profits that these large corporations are extorting from the public.  All the while, their products are killing us.

A high ranking official in Northern Virginia is quoted as saying, “Unless we get back to 1980 levels, we’re gonna see more and more human death and suffering.  We need legislation to protect the people from this alarming rate of damage!”

New calls for alternative technologies are being sounded.  Taxes are going to have to be raised in order to fund emerging technologies.  Whole new industries are going to have to be created, along with the jobs they drive, in order to fight this global pandemic.

Scientists now all agree, we are going to die!

An international panel of experts says cellphones are possibly carcinogenic to humans after reviewing details from dozens of published studies.

The statement was issued in Lyon, France, on Tuesday by the International Agency for Research on Cancer after a weeklong meeting of experts. They reviewed possible links between cancer and the type of electromagnetic radiation found in cellphones, microwaves and radar.

The agency is the cancer arm of the World Health Organization and the assessment now goes to WHO and national health agencies for possible guidance on cellphone use.

It’s over.

WHO and France, scientists and studies.

It’s over.

Throw your cell phones away or we will ALL die!


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