When Does It End?

I mentioned the other day, I like going to the YMCA The Y.  I used to go because I liked to run, swim and just kinda work out.  Now, I go mostly to feel better.

In other words, I just hit the hot tub, the sauna and the steam room.

And then I leave.

But I feel REALLY good!

But this week I wasn’t able to get my full allotment of feel good.  And wanna know why?


See, it turns out that the government can’t stay out of regulating things.

See, it turns out that hot tubs are wet.  And because they’re wet, they need to be regulated for the safety of all concerned.  This means that there are rules.  Lot’s of rules:

Its blurry, but you get the idea.  I really want to point out the 3rd rule down; the one about being 18.  Which, really, should be all that is needed.  You’re an adult, use at your own risk.

But, no.

Rules and rules.  Literally, rules on top of rules.

Even ones they forgot about:

See, even AFTER we account for the fact that you are an adult and not taking blood pressure medication, and aren’t drunk and aren’t pregnant and haven been in here for more than 15 minutes, we STILL have to have a rule that there be a phone line in the spa.

And if not – we have to close.

So, nice.  That was the note Tuesday night when I went.  Fixed to tomorrow, Wednesday, don’t worry.


Now that the phone line is fixed, we have to wait until some county freakin HACK can get out to the YMCA and TEST the line.

Even if, even IF, the county should have to test the line, why this couldn’t be done by, you know, DIALING the ‘EFFIN number and seein’ if anybody answered is beyond me.

Guess I just can’t know.  ‘Cause ya know, government just knows best!

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