We Dropped the Bomb 66 Years Ago: Look What Happened

Several days ago my friend over at Rational Republican posted about the plight of California.  A once great state relegated to the backwaters of the nation.

After years of continued liberal policies, the state that may very well have been the economic powerhouse of the nation is instead hemorrhaging people, earners and businesses.

It’s sad.

To put it into words, consider the years following the bombing of Japan.

See what the difference is between a pro-growth and pro-liberal mindset.

Consider Hiroshima and Detroit.

RR, you have to move.

2 responses to “We Dropped the Bomb 66 Years Ago: Look What Happened

  1. You’re not even trying anymore, really.
    I hadn’t realized America, Michigan and Detroit had all been governed by liberals since the bomb was dropped. Come on, if you’re going to make a claim like that at least back it up with more than a youtube video.

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