On Birthers and Birth Certificates

I tend to think that this birth certificate nonsense is a waste of time.  I’m sure that Obama is a citizen and that he was born in Hawaii.  Further, if he DID present his long form certificate, the right wing-nuts would go crazy trying to prove that IT was a fake and a forgery.

It will be hard to put this whole thing to rest.

Heck, people still think we didn’t land on the moon.

But it certainly is fun.  So let’s see:

If Obama WAS born in the state of Hawaii, he would have been issued a long form birth certificate.  While the short form he has presented is legal, it isn’t the same as the long form that they would have on record.

Now, we can’t see the long form, either because they lost it or it’s under order.  Either way, we can’t see it.

Now, if it’s lost it’s lost and there’s nothing to be done.  And while I think it unlikely that it’s lost, I understand that records do, in fact, get misplaced and it’s perfectly reasonable that a short form be created to suffice for legal reasons.  But, what if it’s NOT lost just kept secured by order–what does THAT mean?

I think it means that there’s something on that long form that someone doesn’t want the public to see.  So, I went in search of an example long form to see what information is being requested might be information that someone doesn’t want the public to see.

This is what I found:

Granted, this is just a google search for Hawaii long form.  I took the clearest one.  It may or may not be the real thing either, but, because this is just fun, let’s roll with it.

The form asks the usual questions.  Things like names, sex, relation to child.  Things like that.  There are questions that ask if the birth took  place in the city or out of town limits.  On a farm or plantation.  Nothing that would create a public shock wave that might harm Obama.  I thought at first there might be some question asking for the religion of the mother, father, child or all three.  I suspect Muslim would have been listed f or the father….but nothing.  And even if it had, big deal?  I think we’re all pretty clear already that his dad was Muslim.  Heck, a significant segment of the population already thinks Obama himself is Muslim.

Anyway, like I said, nothing.

But then I thought, “Wait, we’re assuming that Obama’s DIDN’T live in Hawaii, that they lived somewhere else.  How would THAT appear in this form?”

Well, I think that line 7a would draw significant attention:

Usual Residence of Mother

This would then be followed by an interesting 7b, 7c , 7d, 7e and then 7f.

This includes such gems as:

Country and State or Foreign Country – Mother’s Mailing Address

Like I said, I think he’s a citizen born in the US.  But what if his folks filled out that form like they lived in another country?

Good times!

4 responses to “On Birthers and Birth Certificates

  1. Keep in mind that paternal granny said she was present at his birth in Kenya, and his SSN is of the number stream issued to someone from Connecticutt. I’m just sayin.

  2. If you check out this link, there’s a bunch of certificate crap but there’s also a link to the Nordyke form, a lady that had twins the day before Obama was born.


  3. I still think the President’s campaign team loves it when the talk turns to the ‘birther’ issue. They want to keep this issue alive.

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